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Comparing Men And Women Gambling Approach

It has been known for a long time that men and women percept the world in different ways. That’s true for a everyday life, of course. But what about gambling? Are there any tendencies in their online gambling behaviour which are specific for women and men? What is the difference in their gambling strategies? What are their goals? When and where do they prefer to log in for online gambling?

We’ll answer these and many other questions in the following article. The research was very interesting for us to conduct, and the results were quite surprising even for us. So, read it from dot to dot to be impressed, too.
Note: this article is concentrated on online gambling statistics only, no live dealer gambling activities were researched.

Places to Gamble

First of all, we’ve decided to find out if there was any noticeable difference between men and women when it comes to choosing places for gambling. Here are the results:

Nearly equal percent of men and women tend to gamble while driving (8%).
Gambling during family events is more popular among men (12.6%) than among women (8.4%).

13% of men are most likely to go in for gambling while being at work.

10% of women prefer to gamble while commuting.

Seems like women are slightly more responsible, doesn’t it?

Gambling Loyalty to Casinos

Okay, round two: is there any difference between men and women when they choose websites to gamble at? Who is more likely to play using two and more online casino websites? Loyalty test shows quite expectable outcomes:
Women are slightly more frequent (35%) to use a single site for gambling than men (29%).

At the same time, there are nearly equal results for men (33%) and women (31%) playing on two or more online casino sites.

What’s the result of this section? When speaking about an average gambling experience, women are less open to new possibilities, and it is not too bad in their case. But nearly one third of men and women can be called “hardcore” gamblers, looking for several places to play.

Gambling Motivation and Thinking

Here goes probably the main and the most critical difference between men and women in gambling. Reasons for them to go in for this exciting entertainment are special, and in-game behavior patterns are not common as well. Here is what we mean:

Men can gamble more frequently, develop their strategies, take risks and like to win.

Women tend to gamble as little as possible, because they usually think that the outcomes could not compare to risks.

Men like to compete with other players.

Women perceive gambling as a way to relax and to rest from their everyday life stresses.

All in all, we can say that men are more “competitive action” gamblers who play skill-based games more frequently. Women can be called “escape” gamblers preferring slots based on luck only.

This is explained with the following data: men are inclined to make more free time so they tend to gamble more. Strategy development and competition are time-taking. Women, who are more frequent to go in for cooking, child-caring and other chores, tend to spend much less time at gambling.

Gambling Devices & Facts for Fun

Research about devices used for gambling among men and women is rather called to add more spectacular information than to alter the results in any significant way. Still, the result amused us:

97% of men and women like gambling on their PC’s while staying at home.

Looks like “the mobile gambling era” is not that dominating yet as we all used to think.

Women (25%) like using smartphones for gambling slightly less frequently than men (32%).

Additional funny facts:

The average age of a male rookie player (20.4 years) is much younger than that of rookie gambling women (34.2 years). What does that mean, how do you think?

Men are more frequent to register online casino accounts. An average amount of accounts per person: 3.5 for men and 2.5 for women.

To Conclude

As you can see, men and women really have different approaches towards gambling and motivation to go in for it. Still, both men and women certainly like gambling and excitement coming from playing slots and other casino games. And that is the only thing that matters, isn’t it?

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