The Best Brands to Wear for Bike Racing

The Best Brands to Wear for Bike Racing


The Best Brands to Wear for Bike Racing


Bike racing is an extremely popular sport and it’s not hard to see why. What other activity in the sports world lets you ride around on top-of-the-line gear along scenic locations? Even despite its strenuous nature, biking can be very relaxing as well. Once you’ve learned how to ride a bike, you can start training for the sport professionally. And before you know it, you’re already winning awards, medals, and trophies left and right. Ultimately, there’s a lot of prestige when it comes to bike racing as it’s both a sport and a pastime of the noblemen that lived decades or even centuries ago.

Today, cycling is just as competitive and lucrative a sport as ever. But in order to succeed in it, you’re going to have to wear the right gear. In contrast to other sports that can still be played regardless of what you wear, bike racing requires specific garments with high-quality and durability. Sometimes, these items are rare to find, but fortunately, there are some companies out there that offer them. Here are the best brands to wear for bike racing.


Some of the best cycling gear are the ones made out of carbon fiber, which has since become a commonly-used material. But in the 1970s, the fabric was actually created by Tony Maier-Moussa, a former professional cyclist. Through this material, he was able to create countless synthetic garments that were more than appropriate for the sport. Some of his pieces are still manufactured and sold to this day through his own brand, Assos. The label’s products are still of the highest of quality and the brand has become one of the most prominent in the cycling world.

Black Sheep Cycling

Cycling garments and gear very much have a certain look. They’re skin-tight, usually made out of synthetic fabrics, and are painted in either dark navy tones or bright neon hues. They’re hardly the clothes to wear beyond the bike, but this is something Black Sheep Cycling is trying to change. By offering matching outerwear and other accessories, this Australian brand is forming a wardrobe that professional cyclists can incorporate into their everyday lives. Their clothes make it easier for pro-riders to transition from work or play to training and cycling in a snap.

Brandt Sorenson

Sportswear and luxury fashion are usually two separate markets in the retail business. Some, however, have succeeded in catering to both. One such is the US-based cycling brand, Brandt Sorenson. Handmade and personally crafted, their products combine the traditional techniques of high fashion with the engineered innovations of durable, high-quality sportswear. They also provide aesthetically-pleasing designs with their use of muted tones and graphic prints in flattering silhouettes. Best of all is that their clothes can also be tailor-made for you to easily ride for hours and hours.

Cafe Du Cycliste

France is known as one of the leading countries in fashion, especially their capital city of Paris. It’s no surprise then that the sportswear brands the come from this country offer what is arguably the most fashionable gear for any sport. This includes bike racing, particularly with the company, Cafe Du Cycliste. This label focuses as much attention on the style and aesthetic of the garments as well as their quality, fit, and overall durability. They also make use of French fashion signatures, such as the bi-tonal stripes and matching color combinations.


Castelli is known as the biggest and most prominent brand for bike racing. It’s even said that if you don’t know what Castelli is, then you don’t really know a thing about professional cycling. All the pros don the label, such as Chris Froome, Tim O’Donnell, and Pavel Marosin, among many others. This Italian label boasts an array of high-quality designs made in bold colors and fitted silhouettes, all amde with their signature sublimated jersey. In fact, Castelli actually introduced the skinsuit, a new type of garment that even athletes of different sports don while they play.

God & Famous

As sportswear continues to dominate the fashion scene, various labels in the sector are veering away from the normal styles of regular sports gear. Take God & Famous for example, a New York City-based clothing brand that specializes in cycling garments and gear. This easily recognizable line creates urban-inspired pieces that are as fashionable on the street as they are on the bikers’ lane. They make use of trendy streetwear sensibilities into making their high-quality garments and gear as eye-catching as they are durable and functional.

SQD Athletica

Even though fashionable sports gear has become the norm nowadays, there are still some cyclists who’d prefer their garments to be as minimal as possible so that the attention is given to their skills instead of their style. For those who prefer this kind of cycling gear, SQD Athletica is the brand for you. This Australia-based brand designs minimal yet still stylish skinsuits, fitted bib shorts, and spandex socks that are all of the highest of quality and strong durability. And even with the most basic of colorways, their pieces still look fresh and stylish.

As with any sport today, bike racing is now a lot more fashionable. This is thanks to the multitude of prominent labels that offer the best gear and garments worn on and off the bike. Not only will you look good, but you’ll be wearing the right pieces in order to win the race and ultimately achieve victory.


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