LOOK: Roman Reigns Appears At College Football Game In The Wake Of WWE Departure

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LOOK: Roman Reigns Appears At College Football Game In The Wake Of WWE Departure

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LOOK: Roman Reigns Appears At College Football Game In The Wake Of WWE Departure


It has been a little over a month since WWE star Roman Reigns announced he was taking a leave of absence from the company to battle leukemia, a disease which the former Universal Champion battled eleven years ago and it has since returned.

In Reigns’ absence, Brock Lesnar faced Braun Strowman at WWE Crown Jewel earlier this month to become the new WWE Universal Champion after Reigns relinquished the title.

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In what should come to many WWE fans as good news, Roman Reigns made what was likely his first public appearance since leaving WWE when he was present on the sidelines for The Georgia Tech College Football game this past Saturday.

“I’m the real big dog here,” said Reigns in a brief video the team posted on Twitter. “To hell with Georgia, baby”, Reigns added.

Georgia Tech, Roman Reigns’ alma mater, faced rival Georgia on Saturday, and fell to the Bulldogs 45-21, but former WWE Universal Champion Reigns appeared to be in good spirits as he cheered on his Georgia Tech team from the sidelines.

WWE.com picked up on Reigns’ appearance, writing, “in a rare public appearance since announcing his leukemia diagnosis, Roman Reigns showed up Saturday on the sidelines of his collegiate alma mater, Georgia Tech.

“Reigns showed his support for Georgia Tech on the team’s official Twitter account, letting the school’s longtime rival, Georgia, know that The Big Dog was on the premises.”

Since departing, WWE, both Roman Reigns and the company have kept quiet on The Big Dog’s current condition and his battle against leukemia, and no update has been provided on when or if Reigns will be returning to the company. One thing appears certain, however, and that is Reigns appears to be both healthy and happy, and during this particular time of year, Reigns, his family, and the entire WWE Universe are likely thankful for what appears to be a happy Roman Reigns.

In an emotional in-ring speech delivered to the WWE Universe, Roman Reigns announced the return of his leukemia and subsequent decision to relinquish the WWE Universal Title and take an indefinite leave of absence from the company on the October 22nd episode of WWE Raw.

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