The Easiest Way to Learn Blackjack Strategy

The Easiest Way to Learn Blackjack Strategy


The Easiest Way to Learn Blackjack Strategy


It is always so hard to try and learn something new, but the best way to do that is to think less and learn more. If a person reading this is new to the world of gambling, then everything about this game seems distant one would guess. But, don’t be afraid, as we are here to help you start that journey and even more, we are going to teach you some easiest strategies to use when playing the Blackjack with live mobile casino.

The Blackjack game is a very popular one, and there is a great chance that one of the betting movies you have watched was about it. If so, you have seen that players are very professional and are trained over the years to become some of the best in the business. You might not be that good at the beginning, but repetition is the mother of all learning, so stick to your goal and never give up.

Where to Start?

The best advice for every beginner before anything else is: “Do not rush”. What this means is that without the certain knowledge about the basics of the game a player is more vulnerable to losing money and faith. One does not have to be impatient and play for real cash immediately. The recommended place to start learning Blackjack is the online world. There are many Blackjack games that could be played for free via providing sites which represent a quality platform for learning. Once a gambler has become familiar with the rules, he is ready to step into the casino.

Basics of Blackjack  

Now that we have put you in the right direction, it is time to present you with the simplest rules of this game. The game consists of betting and stand/hit options which smartly used raise the odds of winning.

The gambler plays against a trained dealer, not against other players at the table. Each person has to set a bet and wait for the dealer to give them 2 random cards from the deck. After that, a person can double down the bet making it double while receiving only one additional card. The second card that belongs to the dealer has to be faced up. If a dealer has a Blackjack, all of the bets go to him, unless one more person has a Blackjack when a game is considered to be a tie. As this is a card game, each of them carries the certain value. Symbols from 2-9 carry the face value, while 10 and others are valued 10. The ace can count either as 1 or 11. To win a Blackjack, it is required that both of the cards combined to give 21 or to get closer to it than the dealer. Every gambler has been given to choose between 2 options, to either stand or hit, which means to draw additional cards to reach the wanted amount. If however, the drawn card has contributed to that the total amount goes beyond 21, a player busts and loses the round. The dealer also has a choice on what to do. If the total amount of dealer’s cards is higher than 17, all of the players with a higher amount win while the ones with the lower lose. It is also important to understand 2 concepts, “soft” and “hard hands. A soft one has an ace that counts as 11, while the hard one has an ace that counts as 1 or doesn’t involve the ace at all.

Tips and Tricks

The most important thing to have in mind is that the goal shouldn’t be to reach 21 but to get closer to it than a dealer. The second card from a dealer is a factor which decides whether you would want to stand or hit. Here are a few tips on how to choose correctly.

  • If the second card is 7 or higher, continue drawing until you have a hard 17 or higher, or a soft 18 or higher.
  • If it is 6 or lower, draw until you have 12 or higher, stop after that.
  • If your cards total 10 or 11, always double down if a dealer has 9 or lower.
  • And the last, always try and split aces and eights. Don’t do this with any other pair.

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