How to Become Rich by Playing Free Slots

How to Become Rich by Playing Free Slots


How to Become Rich by Playing Free Slots


Slots are the backbone of casinos whether land-based or online. Playing slots has proven time and again to not only be loads of fun but a profitable venture. These games have been known to produce instant millionaires multiple times. You may think the only chance of becoming wealthy is to invest your resources with PlayOJO casino. This is far from the truth. You will be happy to uncover that free online slots are a reality and they can do wonders to your bank balance. In addition to playing smart and being consistent, let’s have a look at some actionable tips that can help you become rich playing the free slots.    

Start by Studying Paytables

Before you settle in to start spinning, always make sure that you click on the “Paytable” icon of the slot that has caught your interest. At times, it may appear as an “Info” tab on the game’s screen. This is crucial because it reveals all the important details of the slot.  You can learn a number of things here including:

  • The symbols the game features.
  • Payouts for hitting various winning combinations.
  • Details about any bonus rounds (if any).
  • Some developers will include RTP (Return to Player) percentages.

Additionally, it is also vital to go through all the wagering requirements to know all the rules before making a withdrawal.

Check out the RTP

Return to Player rate also known as payout percentage is a term that betting platforms use to define the percentage of wagered cash that goes back to slot players over time. This plays a significant role in the returns that players end up getting. As you look at the paytable, it is advisable to go for the slots that record high RTP percentages. Where possible, only choose to explore the games that have 95% or more. Try and avoid the slots that have RTP of 90% and below. In addition to the RTP also study the hit frequency to know the best games are likely to give you big wins.   

Try Different Games

Although you may be highly attached to a single slot, you may never know where your luck lies. Always have a portfolio of games to explore preferably titles with different themes, gameplay, and so forth. Keep things exciting and fresh as you switch between different slots and one may end up changing your financial fortune.

Play at a Reputable Casino

Although this may sound like an obvious point, there are still very many gamers who end up making this very costly mistake. The disappointment of making money and it does not end up in your wallet can be quite painful.  

Do due diligence and make sure that the casino where you want to play the free slots is legal in your country. It is the only way to avoid ending up in rogue rooms. These usually lure customers with very easy ways of making cash online but end up not paying any of the winnings. There are several things that go into how the casinos are regulated. Key points to consider when choosing a casino include:

  1. License – One of the factors that contribute to the safety and reliability of casinos is licenses from trustworthy independent authorities. Examples include Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and Curacao Government licenses.
  2. Slots on offer – Identify a casino that has plenty of slots on offer allowing you to pick the ones that do not demand deposits to play.
  3. Withdrawal Options – After you make a killing, you will want to access your cash with ease right? For this reason, you want a gaming club that will have the most convenient withdrawal options.
  4. Mobile Casino – It’s not all the time that you will have access to a desktop or laptop when trying to make a fortune with free slots. It helps to choose a mobile-friendly casino so that you can be in a position to play the games anytime you want regardless of location.

It does not come as a surprise that slots are a staple option for numerous gamers. Do not ever doubt the free slots thinking that they are only good for having fun. Spinning their reels can end up boosting your bankroll in a major way. Follow the advice above and you can be on your way to make the next big money.

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