The Top 3 Richest NBA Players in the World

Kobe Bryant, Lakers

The Top 3 Richest NBA Players in the World


The Top 3 Richest NBA Players in the World


Let’s take a look at the Top 3 richest athletes around the world, shall we? You may think that tossing a ball around or driving a car will get you nowhere, but just wait for the numbers we are about to show you, that these people were able to achieve.

Why not Top 5 or Top 10 richest athletes in the world? Well, we’re different like that, plus we wanted to add a bit more backstory to the athletes we are going to feature here.

Michael Jordan

According to the information we found on, Michael Jordan is considered to be one of the, if not the wealthiest athlete out there right now. Pretty much all of us have heard about his success story, how he became on the highest regarded NBA players in the history of the USA.

It’s not uncommon to hear a news anchor or commentator refer to a talented young player as the next Jordan or the young Jordan. That’s because he was able to set a bar that not many were able to beat, only a handful of people even came close to it.

He was able to play in 15 seasons in the NBA dividing it between two teams, Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards. After so many years of playing the game, he got quite acquainted with the managing part of the sport. In fact, he got so good that he later decided to buy Charlotte Hornets after he retired.

Jordan’s massive success and huge fanbase landed him a partnership with Nike, which he was able to utilize in 1985 when he released his first pair of Air Jordan 1. Everybody wanted to be like him, and having something carrying his name meant a lot to the fans, hence the large popularity.

With all of these successes, Michael Jordan was able to embed his name as one of the most successful athletes in the world, ultimately giving him a top spot on this article thanks to his over $1.7 billion of net worth.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe should immediately wake up your memory about hearing his name. Even if you are not an NBA fan you’ve most likely heard somebody shout “Kobe!” when they’re trying to toss something. This is because of the NBA player’s amazing skill of making long-range shots and actually landing them.

He was born in 1978 in Philadelphia, also known as Philly. Thanks to his father’s passion towards basketball he was exposed to the sport from a young age and as you can see it had a significant impact on his career.

Aside from being a part of the arguably most popular team in the NBA, the LA Lakers, his revenue also comes from some business ventures he has made over the years. For example, the recent one is the investment in BodyArmor, which is an American sports drink, although not too sure about how much of the stake he bought from the company. Nonetheless, his net worth is a number to be well regarded as he’s at a comfortable half a billion right now.

LeBron James

LeBron is one of those young sensations you would hear news anchors and sports analysts talk about during their breaks. He started in the NBA when he was just 19 years old taking the spot of one of the youngest ones in the industry. Although his first season was not a massive success, only resulting in a bronze medal, LeBron was able to truly deliver his talents to the eyes of the viewers when he won gold for the following couple of seasons.

In 2016 he got a sweet deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers that gave him a contract worth $100 million. This as you would imagine massively boosted his net worth, but most importantly, made him the highest paid NBA player at that time. With headlines displaying his name everywhere, and everybody talking about him, it was not too long after he started to get noticed by large companies like Nike and Coca-Cola for some advertisement contracts.

Over these years of success and new opportunities, James was able to make quite a name for himself. And what comes with a big name? Cash! Lot’s of it and LeBron received it by the handful, pumping up his net worth to $450 million at this time.



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