NBA announces major deal with sportsbooks

NBA announces major deal with sportsbooks

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NBA announces major deal with sportsbooks


The NBA continues to stay ahead of the curve to provide fans with the best possible viewing experience, especially when compared to the NFL.

Now that sports betting is permitted in certain states, being that a US Supreme Court ruling back in May did away with a previous federal law, the NBA is apparently moving toward allowing wagering during games, it seems.

The league announced a major partnership with an oddmsaker on Wednesday, in which the league will help Genius Sports and Sportradar with in-game betting odds by providing data during games, via David Purdum of ESPN.

“We feel strongly that official NBA betting data provides the best experience for our fans,” NBA vice president and head of fantasy and gaming Scott Kaufman-Ross said. “We want all legal operators to be using official data, and this framework ensures that there is a competitive marketplace for it.”

In-game betting during live games/matches is nothing new, as it’s been happening overseas — especially during soccer matches — for years. It’s also legal in Las Vegas, so fans at Golden Knights home games have been engaging in it at T-Mobile Arena.

Depending on what state you live in, in-game betting could be coming to your favorite team’s home arena — and soon.

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