Top 4 Super Bowl Commercials

Top 4 Super Bowl Commercials


Top 4 Super Bowl Commercials


Different people have different anticipations about the Super Bowl when it is about to start. Some are lucky to get their hands on some tickets and actually watch the live games, but for the unfortunate ones staying home, hope for entertainment is definitely not lost.

Since the Superbowl is one of the most watched events in the US, it is not surprising that many companies decide to make fresh commercials about their products and feature them in between breaks on the TV. Sometimes they’re even featured on the big screen on the stadium.

There is a large variety of Super Bowl commercials, some bad, some good and some amazing. We decided to dedicate this article to the top 5 we could find, not only for the latest Super Bowl but for pretty much all of them.

The genre of these commercials can vary, they will be emotional, funny, educational and etc. Let’s get into them, shall we?

1 – Etrade 2006 Super Bowl

This is one of the best commercials we have ever seen. The peak of comedy in this one will surely make you laugh. You see the whole charm is in the fact that Etrade, a serious financial company is actually laughing at itself with this commercial. Their commercial was actually ranked by to be one of the best financial company commercials out there and we wholeheartedly agree!


The commercial is pretty simple, two guys are sitting in what looks like a janitor’s room, with a monkey in between them dancing to a tune. This goes on for a few seconds after which a caption appears saying “Well, we just wasted 2 million Bucks!”, followed up by “What are you doing with your money?”.

This is very funny because that Etrade probably paid exactly $2 million for that commercial to air on the Super Bowl, essentially making fun of themselves for wasting it on a dancing monkey. But nonetheless, the message was clear and appreciated.

2 – Coca-Cola 2016 Super Bowl

Coca-Cola is notorious for its amazing commercials over the years. There is truly nothing similar to that “tsss-pop-gulp-ahhh”, it became a real definition and illustration of Coca-Cola. Well, in this commercial we don’t get to hear that sound, as this one went to a more emotional subject.

Again, Spoilers!

In the commercial, we see a typical brotherly relationship, where the older one sometimes bullies the younger one. This continues for some screen time until finally arriving at a point where the younger brother is sitting on a bench, being messed with a couple of other kids, who are trying to take away his bottle of Coca-Cola. The older brother appears, takes the bottle back, scares off the bullies and hands it back to his little brother, who then starts to drink it. Coca-Cola even managed to sneak in a bit of comedy in this wholesome commercial, by having the older brother tip the bottle a bit while the younger was drinking it, making him spill it. A classic trick if you’ve had a brother.

3 – Doritos 2016 Super Bowl

When we watched this commercial first unfold, it was caused a blast of laughter from pretty much everybody. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m giving your only spoiler warning.

The art of comedy in this one is very strong. Essentially the commercial is about a young couple being at the doctor’s. The wife is having an ultrasound to look at the baby, which looks pretty much well developed already. Here comes the funny part, the husband is just standing there eating Doritos, not paying too much attention to the whole ordeal. Naturally, the wife gets upset, which forces the husband to move his hand a bit to start the conversation. When he does so, the baby moves as well, seeming like he is grabbing for the Dorito. This continues for a few seconds until the wife takes the Dorito from him and throws it away, which triggers what I like to call “The unexpected birth”. The thrown Dorito forces the baby to come out, which naturally, shocks everybody in the room to a scream. Hilarious!

4 – Doritos 2018 Super Bowl

Yes, its Doritos again, but we just couldn’t ignore the amazing commercial that they made this year. You’ve probably already seen it, but if you haven’t I’m going to say it one final time….SPOILERS!

The commercial was about their newest flavor called Blaze. It included famous actor Peter Dinklage and one of the best-known rappers called Busta Rhymes. The commercial emphasized the heat of the Doritos which helped Peter “Spit hot fire” as they call it when a beat of a song is fast, fluid and good. The song they used was “Look at me now” by Busta Rhymes and Chris Rock, where Busta Rhymes displays his amazing skill at rapping at a very fast pace. They also paired it up with Mountain Dew Ice. Ultimately creating the combination that is well known to gamers.



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