Let The Tears Flow

Let The Tears Flow


Let The Tears Flow


I’m sad to see Wilmer go. I don’t know how we got from “give Wilmer a chance” to “Wilmer got his chance” without actually seeing that chance. But Flores not taking that next step despite irregular playing time at multiple positions, along with the presence of a new general manager looking to clean house did Wilmer in. I’m still of the mind that Wilmer can play a very important part of the success of a major league team … most likely an American League team … and will always wonder what might have been had the Mets not blocked him with the likes of Todd Frazier.

Let me share with you my favorite Wilmer Flores moment:

It’s not the one you’d expect. (You can see that one on “Five Days in Flushing” on SNY, and if you missed it, it’ll probably be on in ten minutes.) But I was at this Oakland game, and if it had gone to extra innings, we probably leave to tend to our cat, who was going through some minor health issues. Wilmer was the last hope to see a walk-off, and he delivered. He made the Mets fans happy, he made my wife happy, and our cat is doing fine.

In all seriousness, I feel as if Flores’ tenure in Flushing will always be incomplete. I’ll always wonder what Flores’ numbers would have been if he was set at one position so that he can just worry about improving at the dish. He could have been a really important part of Mets history. But we’ll have to settle for him being a part of Mets lore.

Thanks for that Oakland game.

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