5 Undefeated College Basketball Teams in 2018

5 Undefeated College Basketball Teams in 2018


5 Undefeated College Basketball Teams in 2018


It is a well-known fact that the American colleges and universities promote sports. If you are an athlete, there are several advantages that you can make use of. First of all, you can get a scholarship from one of the universities or colleges, if you decently play this or that sport. Secondly, if you succeed in your college team, you can account for a professional contract that will earn you a lot of money.

Basketball, as one of the most common and popular sports in the USA, can give a young athlete an opportunity to become an NBA star later on. All you need to do is to play decently for your team, and you will be noticed by one of the scouts and then you might be chosen in a draft. All this sounds pretty tempting, right?

Like all college learners, you have to complete numerous assignments including various types of essays. However, what should you do if you are passionate about your sport and when it comes to writing a paper you just don’t know what topic you should choose? Of course, you could find something on samples.edusson.com, but even if you do that, how do you think you are going to write an essay if all that you are engaged in is sports?

More so, as a promising young athlete, you want to perform even better for you to be noticed by a professional team, and you just don’t have time to look at all those Samples-Edusson. Instead, you are dreaming about being undefeated like those successful teams. Let’s take a look at them and then you will be able to decide what you want to dedicate the rest of your life to.

Kansas Jayhawks

So our list of top NCAA basketball teams is opened with Kansas Jayhawks. The team has been dominating throughout the season, and currently holds the first spot with 7-0 winning streak. The squad is an example of how to play together and smash the opponents as they did against Wofford (72-47). Even though the game was pretty close up until the fourth quarter, Kansas managed to destroy their opponents by scoring 26 points during the time, whereas Wofford managed to score only 6. Dedric Lawson came out as a true in-game leader with earning 20 points while having an average of 19.3 per game. What a performance.


Currently holding the second place, the team is running a nine-game winning streak with the most important victory against Washington (81-79). The team actually managed to preserve its record due to the amazing last-second score by Hachimura, who had 26 points that game. No matter what position you play, R. Hachimura’s tremendous 22.3 pts per game is something that should be appreciated.

Virginia Cavaliers

Holds an eight-game winning streak, and has been performing greatly throughout the season. However, their game versus Maryland (76-71) could have ended their domination. The game was pretty close, and but for Kyle Guy, who scored 18 points, Virginia might have lost the game. With only 13.3 points on average, the young athlete showed how to switch on when it is needed. A great example of responsibility and dedication.

Michigan Wolverines

The team won 23 out of 24 games during last season and is now holding a nine-game winning streak. With the toughest game against Northwestern (62-60), the squad dominated everyone else this year. It’s leader, Ignas Brazdeikis, holds a record of 17 points a game. During the match against their toughest opponent, he managed to score 23! But the main hero of the night was Jordan Poole, who pulled off 2 stunning moves during the last 2 minutes of the game to win the match, thus preserving the winning streak of his team.

Nevada Wolf Pack

It is the last, but not the poorest team on this list. With an 8-0 winning streak, the team holds top position of the Mountain West Conference. The most outstanding performance the audience could witness was on December, 2. Even though the team was down one point after the first half, it still managed to take the game, with Jordan Caroline making one the highlights of that night with his amazing slam dunk. He scored 24 points, which is almost a third of the team’s total.


Having seen the examples above, it is evident that these squads are doing great. Even though the players are only amateurs, their performance is outstanding. So, if you have a good physique, why not try to join one of the college teams? By doing so, you will not only get rid of all those exhausting writing assignments but also will have a chance to build an amazing sports career that many people are dreaming off. All you have to do is to find inspiration and move towards your set objectives while remembering that nothing is impossible.

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