Noah Syndergaard is an SNY Truther!

Noah Syndergaard is an SNY Truther!


Noah Syndergaard is an SNY Truther!


Sometimes, athletes get involved in wild conspiracy theories. Whether it’s in jest (Steph Curry/Moon Landing), or temporary insanity (Kyrie Irving/Shape Of The Earth), these things do happen.

Well, the latest sports conspiracy is that Mets owned television station SNY seems a little too eager to report that Noah Syndergaard has a real chance of being traded to the Yankees, or the Padres, or wherever. It is probably just a wild conspiracy that was created by circumstance, coincidence, and differently framed language. But the conspiracy seems to have one very important believer:

My mother liked to tell me that just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean somebody isn’t out to get you. It would explain a lot in my upbringing. Either Noah has been talking to my mom, or somebody might be out to get him. Could be the Padres. Could be Mr. Met. Could be the Yankees. Could be Alcides Escobar.

He is obviously looking over his shoulder. Smart. Just don’t strain your neck, Noah. We need you healthy.

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