Your Morning Dump... Where Kyrie Irving defends Stephen Curry in the court of public opinion

Your Morning Dump... Where Kyrie Irving defends Stephen Curry in the court of public opinion

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Your Morning Dump... Where Kyrie Irving defends Stephen Curry in the court of public opinion


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We live in America, where people say (expletive) all the time about one another, and it’s mean,” Irving said. “It’s bad, kids see it, like everyone gets a piece of it and then it’s the next story, the next thing that’s coming out of someone’s mouth. There’s world hunger going on. There’s political things going on. There’s so many higher things in the totem pole of society that matter to human beings, but hey, Steph Curry says he doesn’t believe in the moon (landing), it’s the thing all over. It’s on CNN and they say we’re just jocks, we’re just athletes. But it’s on your channel.

“It’s ridiculous to treat another human being like that. People do it behind screens, people do it on their phones every single day. It’s something to learn as a human being how to treat and respect others.”


Alright, there’s a lot going on here. First, people can multitask, Kyrie. I can be mad about everything happening in the White House while also expressing disappointment in the NBA’s biggest role models pushing conspiracy theories that undermine our country’s accomplishments. You’ve already acknowledged that you’ve given school teachers extra work to do in cleaning up your flat-Earth mess, and now you’re back to doubling down on “everybody should have their opinions no matter how terrible they are” stance. I’m not saying we should suppress Steph’s voice, but I am absolutely saying we shouldn’t empower blatant, out-in-the-open ignorance, which is what you’re currently doing. We can constructively explain to people why they’re wrong and how their words affect people, unless that doesn’t rank high enough among the priorities of “society” for you.

Second, of course they talked about it on CNN! You and Steph both walked right into their wheelhouse by dabbling in the dark arts of conspiracy theories. Conspiracies are almost inherently political and the moon landing is no exception. It actively works to discredit the American government and American scientists.

Third, this part of the quote might literally kill me with how badly you’re missing the point:

“It’s bad, kids see it, like everyone gets a piece of it and then it’s the next story, the next thing that’s coming out of someone’s mouth.

Bold added to express dumbfoundedness. You think it’s bad that kids parrot people saying “Oh Steph said this thing. Let’s make fun of him for it” while the rest of us think “Oh god. Steph said this thing and now all the kids are going to say it, too.” You absolutely hit the nail on the head with your wording on how kids will react while simultaneously missing the point by a country mile. My third eye is bloodshot just thinking about it. My chakras are in shambles.

On page 2, Danny Ainge’s pursuit of Anthony Davis

Yes, we’re doing this again.

“Boston has been hawking Anthony Davis for years,” said Wojnarowski. “They always hoped that it would be—whether it’s the end of this season or the beginning of next before the trade deadline—that they would gather up all those assets, all those picks Danny Ainge has, young players, and they’d be the team to be able to get Anthony Davis.

“But now you have L.A., and if they get shut out in free agency, they’re going to have to take all their young players to try to use them to get Anthony Davis.”

CBS Sports

You know, there is some merit to revisiting this now and then to keep tabs on who has the best trade assets in a potential deal. The value of the Lakers’ younger pieces has been pretty steady. They’re decent players, but not blockbuster material.

Zach Lowe even compared Davis’ current situation to the end of Kevin Garnett’s (initial) tenure in Minnesota over a decade ago, saying that the two scenarios are pretty comparable. And the two teams were at the front of the Garnett sweepstakes back then? The Celtics and Lakers, of course. 

The young pieces of the KG deal were Gerald Green and Al Jefferson. Those guys were fine and all, but the current crop is strictly better. The Celtics have enough first-round picks to draft an expansion team, so I’m not worried about coming up short on an offer.

I know my stance on this is controversial (possibly more controversial than Steph’s moon landing opinions), but I’m just not giving up Jayson Tatum. I’m not saying it’s the smart thing to do, but I’m not doing it. The Celtics have so many bargaining chips that they can one-up anything the Lakers put on the table without offering Tatum.

As far as we know, the Pelicans are still not entertaining offers for Davis. However, the constant speculation makes me wonder if reporters know something we don’t know. Do trade negotiations happen without any declaration that the team is taking offers? I wouldn’t be surprised. Perhaps the bidding war has already started.

The Celtics play the Phoenix Suns at home tonight. After all my ranting above I’d prefer not to be defeated by another part of our solar system.

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