Vikings' Kirk Cousins Jokes About His Voice Cracking

Vikings' Kirk Cousins Jokes About His Voice Cracking


Vikings' Kirk Cousins Jokes About His Voice Cracking


At this point in his career, Kirk Cousins might’ve figured out that he’s not that cool of a guy. Is he a decent quarterback? Sure. Is he a rich man? Absolutely. And hey, he’s probably a very nice guy too. But one thing that Kirk Cousins is not is a cool guy.

I mean, we all saw that hideous end zone celebration earlier on in the year, right? Cousins showed off his best impression of a used car salesman lot prop. I think that’s what it’s called at least. Regardless though, that’s what Kirk Cousins looked like. And here’s the video if you need a refresher.

Cousins’ Awful Touchdown Celebration

Whatever that was, it was garbage. Funny, but garbage. Anyway, Cousins just knows that he’s not that cool of a guy. Which is fine. After all, he’s an NFL quarterback with a ton of money and a family. There’s not much else he has to do but prove that he can win on the NFL’s biggest stage.

On Cousins journey to getting to that big stage though, he has to lead the Vikings to victory for the next two weeks in order to get to the playoffs. This past weekend the Vikings played the Detroit Lions, and as expected, Minnesota took home the victory. Now, Cousins didn’t trot into the tunnel and yell “You Like That?!” at the cameras or anything, but he did manage to get laughed at once again.

During his cadence on Sunday, the broadcast picked up Cousins’ voice, which was as clear as day, per usual. And on one of his ‘huts!’ Cousins’ voice completely cracked, which made the broadcasting booth almost burst out laughing. And as expected, it didn’t take long for Twitter to pick up what happened. Naturally, the video went around social media, and it eventually got into the hands of Cousins.

Kirk Cousins Makes Fun of Himself Too

So Kirk Cousins may not be that cool, but he’s definitely a good sport. This isn’t the first time that Cousins laughed at himself on social media, and it most likely won’t be his last. He just has to hope that the next time he’s being laughed at, it has nothing to do with the way that he played on the field.

This week, Cousins and the Vikings will have all eyes on them as they play the Chicago Bears on the road. With a win, the Vikings are in the playoffs. With a loss, well, they go home and prepare for next season. Seeing as though Cousins hasn’t been all that great in meaningful games, this could be another week where he struggles and finds himself becoming the laughing stock of the internet once again.

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