NFL Draft Prospect Kyler Murray's High School Tape Makes Waves Recently

NFL Draft Prospect Kyler Murray's High School Tape Makes Waves Recently


NFL Draft Prospect Kyler Murray's High School Tape Makes Waves Recently


We’ve seen Kyler Murray’s college highlights, but have you seen his impressive tape from when he was in High School?

The Oklahoma Sooners have had it made for quite a while now when it comes to quarterbacks. Not only did they just finish up with having the NFL’s number one overall pick, Baker Mayfield under center, but they have an absolute star in Heisman Trophy winner, Kyler Murray.

There were tons of debates all throughout the year this season about whether the Sooners were better off with Mayfield or Murray at quarterback. Who’s going to be more successful, you know, the usual debates. While both quarterbacks are successful in their own way, we may honestly never know which one of the two will have more success at the next level.

Murray is taking a different route. You see, a multi-talented athlete will forever have options. Not only is Murray a football star, but he stands out on the baseball diamond as well. And before Murray’s rise to the top of college football, he was selected in the MLB Draft by the Oakland A’s with the ninth-overall pick. He is expected to report to spring training in 2019.

Whether Murray is taking the right direction in his career or not is up for debate, but one thing is for sure – his game on the gridiron is no fluke. Murray has been a top recruit in football since being scouted by Texas A&M, and his High School tape has recently made some waves around the internet as one of the more impressive highlight tapes by a High School player.

Check Out Murray’s Tape

Recently, NFL Reporter Albert Breer tweeted out a random video compilation of Murray’s ‘Ultimate’ High School highlights. We’ve all seen how impressive he was with the Sooners this past season, but not many people had seen just how dangerous he was before he even made it to the NCAA.

Right now, NFL teams are viewing Murray as a first-round selection. So far, nothing has swayed his decision in a different direction. But rumors are going around that Murray has not ruled out going to the NFL entirely. If a team really wants him, they would have to draft him early on, and maybe that could convince him to stay with football.

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