Mets Got That Mon-aay!!!

Mets Got That Mon-aay!!!


Mets Got That Mon-aay!!!


The Mets? Spend like drunken sailors? With all apologies to drunks, sailors, and Derek Bell, the Mets have actually put some money on the table for free agents. Before signing Wilson Ramos (I’m assuming before, because the alternative is insane), the Mets actually put some money out there for Yasmani Grandal. (They listened to me after all!) The offer was generous, but …

Yasmani Grandal, who turned down the Dodgers’ $17.9-million qualifying offer, remains a free agent after declining a four-year, $60-million offer from the New York Mets, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. 

I thought 4/64 was going to be the magic number for Grandal, so either he turned down a deal over $4 million, or his actual demands bordered on criminal. So when Ramos hurts his hamstring and I go ranting about “why didn’t the Mets just spend the money on Grandal”, please link my own blog post to me and call me an idiot. The Mets tried to spend the money. And since this nugget comes from Jorge Castillo of the L.A. Times and not state run media, I trust it.

But do you know what this means? It means the Mets have $40 million burning a hole in their pockets, and now we all know about it. So right now, Fred and Jeffy are trying to figure out how to use Andy Martino to squash this rumor. Hey, $40 million is three seasons of A.J. Pollack, or 506 Bryce Harper at-bats. So don’t go thinking you’re done, guys. There are still free agents out there who aren’t former Yankees with leadership skills. So hit that pavement and get back to work. And don’t come back unless you have somebody other than Gary Matthews Jr., or we’re changing the locks.

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