Miami Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill Ranked as Worst QB in 2018

Miami Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill Ranked as Worst QB in 2018


Miami Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill Ranked as Worst QB in 2018


Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill hasn’t had an ideal stretch of games in 2018.

The 2018 NFL Season hasn’t been too friendly to many quarterbacks around the league. Unless your favorite passer was a top-five prospect such as guys like Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, or Phillip Rivers, you probably weren’t overly impressed with how you’re favorite teams passer has performed.

For the Miami Dolphins, the 2018 season has been one to forget, that’s for sure. It’s finally time for the Phins to turn the page and start a re-build down there in South Beach. First, it started with getting rid of the failed head coach, Adam Gase. His first season in Miami seemed promising, but since then it’s been a downhill spiral for him.

What’s next for the Dolphins now? Is it getting rid of their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill? Rumor has it that the Dolphins don’t see much more of a future with Tannehill and they could be possibly moving on from the veteran quarterback during the 2019 offseason. While Gase still saw potential in Tannehill, the Dolphins clearly see what everybody on the outside views. Tannehill is just not good enough to hold the franchise QB title.

Pro Football Focus Ranks Tannehill Dead Last

Recently, Pro Football Focus put together their annual list of quarterbacks from 2018, and Tannehill would not be pleased to find out where he placed. In order to be considered for the list, a quarterback would’ve needed to play at least 500 snaps on offense. This year, 33 quarterbacks were considered.

Guess where Tannehill ranked? Dead last. Number 33 out of 33. In 11 games, Tannehill passed for under 2,000 yards and had 17 touchdowns along with nine interceptions. His final passer rating for the season was a 92.7, which ranked 20th in the league. PFF decided to rate him with an ugly 45.3.

Tannehill finished the year with the third-lowest big-time throw percentage (2.9%) and a league-high 6.57% turnover-worthy play percentage. He didn’t do his team any favors in 2018.

Pro Football Focus may have a grading system that many don’t agree with – but it’s kind of hard to argue against their claims against Tannehill. “He didn’t do his team any favors in 2018” has really been the story of Tannehill’s time with the Dolphins. The jig is up, Tannehill. It’s time for Miami to move on.

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