Five Benefits of Martial Arts You Probably Didn’t Know

Five Benefits of Martial Arts You Probably Didn’t Know


Five Benefits of Martial Arts You Probably Didn’t Know


The term ‘Martial Art’ covers a wide variety of sports which originate historically from Asia and are fighting disciplines.  Identifying which modern style you wish to learn is a necessary starting point, as there are fundamental differences between the styles.  The one thing you will find, whichever you choose, is that regular practice brings huge benefits to both fitness levels and confidence.


What benefits will I see?



All Martial Arts improve self-defence capabilities which improves confidence no end.  They have recognised progression, so provide a sense of achievement and advancement.  Be prepared though, there is lot it than learning to fight.



Regular practice will bring focus and a greater mental clarity and stillness.  It is not just a physical exercise, but also a mental work out – needing focus and the cultivation of a calm logical approach.  Some Martial Arts focus more on the spiritual than others, may even include meditation, so think carefully about which one you want to take up.



No matter what age you are when you start, you will gain physical speed, and your body will get improved balance, muscle tone and flexibility.  The exercises, whichever discipline you choose, will feel cumbersome at first, but with control comes increased benefit.



Clearly being more confident will make changes throughout your life, be prepared though, taking a Martial Art seriously is a lifestyle choice.  It works on state of mind, and approach to everything, and you will find that it affects far more than just the time that you are working out.  Most Martial Arts also have an aspect concerning morals and values which carry-over to every area.



Any commitment to a Martial Art is completely incompatible with an unhealthy lifestyle.  The dedication needed to succeed brings drive and energy that will carry over to how you nurture yourself outside of training, how you treat your body, and how you can improve your performance.  It isn’t about weight loss, but that is very often the outcome of a better focus on gaining maximum performance in your Art.


What equipment do I need?


The beauty of taking up a Martial Art is that you can do it at any age, and at any level of fitness.  The only thing you can do is improve – and given commitment and regularly practicing that improvement will become very apparent, very quickly.


The following is a general summary of equipment that you may like to consider as a start, obviously different disciplines have slightly differing requirements:


  • Martial Arts Shoes.

The move is away from barefoot training, but it is best to see what is being warn in the gym you join first and take some guidance – the martial arts shoes come in a variety of styles and you will want to buy the most suitable.

  • A Uniform.

This will be specific for both the discipline, and the gym that you have joined, so talk to your instructor and see what is needed.

  • A Belt.

Your belt may or may not come with your uniform.  In nearly all disciplines the belt is a visual representation of the level of the student.  You will almost certainly need to start with a white belt.

  • Protective Gear.

As you will not be in full-contact sparring initially the minimum of a mouth guard and groin protector should be enough to get you started.

Benefits of Martial Arts.


The taking up of a Martial Art, at any age and any level of fitness, meansentering a sport that will bring rapid and tangible benefits so long as you invest the time and commitment.


There is a wide variety of equipment available to support your exercise, but any Martial Art can be started with a very few, well-chosen items – making it accessible to anyone.


There are classes within reach of almost everyone, and with many different disciplines to choose from a style that will suit you.



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