How to Watch Chelsea vs Tottenham Live Stream Online

How to Watch Chelsea vs Tottenham Live Stream Online


How to Watch Chelsea vs Tottenham Live Stream Online


The fever of soccer seems to be never-ending as Chelsea is about to take on Tottenham on Tuesday in the semifinals league. Both the teams are looking quite confident to make into the finals and are trying their best to win the league. Since the year 2015, both teams are eager to win the premier league whereas Chelsea looks on the stronger side. Having a player like Eden Hazard, the team seems like a good contender for the finals.

On the other hand, Tottenham isn’t far behind as their star player looks in good shape for the semi-finals. With a combination of Dele Alli, Trippier and Harry Kane, they are too people’s favorite to go through the Finals. Without a doubt, irrespective of the results, both teams are looking confident, and their fans are going crazy for this match.

So! For every single fan all over the world, we have got good live streaming channels with which you can watch the Chelsea vs Tottenham Clash. Without wasting any time, let’s jump into the topic and uncover each channel.


Chelsea vs Tottenham Live Streaming Channels – EFL Cup 2019

Not everyone can fit into the stadium, and that is where live streaming channels come into the picture.

Each of these channels is secure and will guarantee smooth streaming for every single sports lover. Therefore, let’s start with CBS Sports and later onwards cover some more channels to stream Chelsea vs Tottenham match.

CBS Sports

Known as the superstar of sports channels, CBS Sports is one of the best options to watch Chelsea vs Tottenham match. It offers seamless streaming to every sports lover, and you can stay 24×7 hours online in this application.

What does this app deliver? You get to enjoy every single sports match, and in case of any delay, you are free to watch highlights for the same.

Amazon Prime

At just $99 per year, Amazon Prime is beating even the top-level live streaming services. With Amazon prime, you stream the Chelsea vs Tottenham live match anytime and anywhere. Most widely, it is being used in Android, iOS devices where people are traveling and viewing their favorite sports matches.

All that you need here is a faster internet connection, compatible device and Amazon Prime is good enough to stream sports match in high quality.

Sling TV

Speaking about the first ever streaming service will bring Sling TV into the limelight Using Sling TV, you just need a subscription plan to watch the Chelsea vs Tottenham match. The costing is cheap starting at $20 per month where you can stream high-quality matches.

In Sling TV, the orange subscription is loved by millions where you can even go for $25 or even higher monthly plan.

PlayStation Vue

If you ever want to watch the Chelsea vs Tottenham match in high definition, take a look at PlayStation Vue platform. Its available for different devices and that it demands is a faster internet connection. You can stream on five devices using PlayStation Vue where no buffering is required.

Having the price of $50 per month, you can access 60 channels which are hard to get from other online streaming services. For saving cost, you can divide the payment and watch Chelsea vs Tottenham match on PlayStation Vue.


Having the starting cost of $39.99 per month, Fubotv does extremely well to deliver matches via online streaming. You can watch Chelsea vs Tottenham match on your computer, iOS devices along with Android ones.

At the same time, Fubo TV allows two connections which are more than enough to watch any show, online. Lastly, it shows live streaming without much buffering and delivers high quality, every single time.

Chelsea vs Tottenham on Reddit

Follow soccer subreddits and watch Tottenham vs Chelsea match free on any devices and from any Countries. Reddit will have the best streams for a soccer event.

Final Scores



Summing up the entire article, not much time is left to stream the Chelsea vs Tottenham match. Choose any of the above streaming services, either paid or free, keep a faster internet connection and watch this mega event, without a cable connection.  

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