5 Extreme Sports That Are Bordering On Insanity

5 Extreme Sports That Are Bordering On Insanity


5 Extreme Sports That Are Bordering On Insanity


There isn’t much you can do these days that impresses anyone anymore. The introduction of various social media platforms over the years has seen everyday people video-blogging their latest adventures across countries or famous sport stars uploading trick shots or daily workouts. This mediocracy of an average person’s life has seen a boom in Extreme Sports and their increasing insanity. Come with me as I take you through five Extreme Sports that you may not have heard of, or even imagined to be possible! Also…don’t try any of these at home.


  1. Base Jumping

So called as it is an acronym for the structures you can jump off for it to be considered a BASE jump, take a plunge into the depths of nature from a building, antenna, span or the earth. These Jumps are done by professional athletes who are fully kitted out with either a parachute or a wing-suit so that they have the most real experience with little interference as they fall. Follow these athlete’s jumps thanks to the use of a GoPro. Not only do these cameras document incredible experiences like this, but you can capture your own adventures to show to your friends and families from your summer. Norman stocks the full range of GoPro cameras so you can be sure to find your perfect match for your holidays.


  1. Para-skiing

A favourite for many in the winter, Para-skiing combines paragliding and skiing and makes one extreme sport that many are hesitant to try. While ski-launched paragliding may not seem like a huge leap, the focus and stresses are pointed mainly at the conditions which are more often than not, snow-capped mountains. Raging winds and misjudged take offs and landings are a background thought as soon as you lay eyes on the vast icy environment right before your eyes.


  1. Volcano Surfing

Combining two of the most terrifying, Volcano Surfing is an extreme sport I would say is definitely insane. Finding themselves a thin plywood or metal board, participants hike up volcanoes and surf down the slopes. Taking into account the cacophony of flying magma, disturbed rocks, poisonous fumes and falling off, the closest I’ll get to this sport is watching the recap. Cameras such as the GoPro Fusion, take 360 degree filming to new heights with an added 18MP for spherical photos, night mode and burst images. Not only is the imaging 360 degrees but the audio capturing is as well! With multiple hidden microphones, the GoPro Fusion captures audio from every direction and gives you an immersive soundscape to match with you adventures.


  1. Wing-suit Flying

Wing-suit Flying is somewhat similar to BASE jumping in regards to the wing-suit/parachute combo however, wing-suit flying commonly will have participants jumping out of planes to achieve the optimal altitude and wind conditions. The wing suit adds more surface area to the flyer’s body which increases lift and after unzipping the arms mid-flight, the flyer can control their descent path.


  1. Bobsledding

You may recognise this extreme sport from the Winter Olympics. An incredibly high speed run carries through a deathly narrow, twisting ice track, all within a gravity-powered sled. Teams use their stamina to start the sled off and manipulate their positions within the sled to make it as streamlined as possible. See the world zoom past while encompassed in a glacier tube with the GoPro Hero7. Many athletes use GoPro’s to improve on their tactics and share their experiences with their fans. The GoPro Hero 7 features Hyper Smooth Video Stabilisation that will give you blur-free footage, accounting for camera shakes. With varying settings including slomo recording and HDR imaging, you can even live stream with the Hero 7 so your friends and family can live your best life with you.


Extreme sports both fascinate and intrigue viewers as they give a snapshot into the life of a dare-devil. For many, they will go through their life never having done any of these or witnessing for themselves. Through the use of a GoPro, extreme athletes give us a window into the excitement, terror and beauty of their sporting experience. Showcasing never seen before landscapes and the ultimate beauty of the world, it all seems worth it and entices you to give it a go. It almost makes you question, are these extreme sports really that insane or your new hobby?

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