The Toronto Maple Leafs Goaltender situation: A timeline

The Toronto Maple Leafs Goaltender situation: A timeline

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The Toronto Maple Leafs Goaltender situation: A timeline


1) Frederik Andersen removed because of a groin injury.

2) Maple Leafs acquire Michael Hutchinson from Florida.

3) Garret Sparks gets a concussion,

4) The Leafs recall Hutchinson and Kasimir Kaskisuo to replace Andersen and Sparks.

5) Hutchinson dislocates both hips the first time he drops into the butterfly.

6) Kasimir Kaskisuo is out with what his grandparents call “the screaming Willies”

7) The Leafs sign Ed Belfour out of retirement.

8) Belfour is 53 years old, and he plays like it, giving up 7 goals a game. His GAA is helped when he shuts out the Senators.

9) Frederik Andersen comes back!

10) Frederik Andersen is deported to Australia on an outstanding warrant for wallaby rustling.

11) Australian authorities admit that they got the wrong Fred Andersen, but keep him in Melbourne because “he seems like a good bloke to have a beer with.”

12) The Maple Leafs try letting Auston Matthews play net. He’s amazing, but the Leafs stop scoring goals,

13) Garret Sparks comes back!

14) Sparks investigates a sound coming from down in the basement. After a few screams, he is never seen again.

15) William Nylander is asked to give netminding a shot. He laughs.

16) The Maple Leafs miss the playoffs. Everyone blames Nazem Kadri.

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