Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan live stream, kick-off time, date, and venue

Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan live stream, kick-off time, date, and venue


Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan live stream, kick-off time, date, and venue


When it comes to a head to head matches, it seems that Uzbekistan is the stronger of the two, especially seeing how they have won two out of three recent head to head encounters against Turkmenistan. But that may be short sighted seeing how Turkmenistan gave a tremendous performance against the Japanese. Either way, it certainly looks like that the current scenario is all set for a big football tournament.

But what’s interesting is the fact that Turkmenistan has undoubtedly picked up their game ever since the opening rounds. All bets are open as to who is going to gain the upper hand. One can certainly see why Uzbekistan head coach Hector Cuper is looking a little rattled as he declares yet again that his team is better prepared. Well, whichever way the winds of destiny flow one can be sure that this match would indeed be scintillating.

Match: Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan
When: January 13, 2019
Where: Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium, Dubai
Competition: AFC Asian Cup 2019
Start time: 9.30 PM IST


Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan Online Free Channels

If you are planning to watch the action at home, then you need to know that the AFC match, Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan is not available on all channels. Rather, you may want to check out our list o some of the top channels for their streaming services of live TV.

Arena sports BIH

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Bein Max 2

This channel offers all subscribers a dedicated sports channel, one that features high definition telecasts of the latest sports events. In case, you were looking to check out the 2019 AFC Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan live stream, then this is the channel you need. It comes with attractive subscriber rates, various live streaming options that allow you to stream the required programs direct to your mobile phone, laptop, Amazon Fire Stick and other devices. You will need to subscribe to this service before you can avail the same.

Star sports 2 China

What makes this particular channel interesting is the sheer variety and depth in content. Apart from telecasting live performances from AFC matches, you can catch live telecasts of nearly every major sports event taking place all over the world. You no longer need to stay in front of your TV to catch the live telecast, but thanks to the streaming service you can watch the game on your mobile when commuting. Star sports 2 China is certainly determined to bring the very best of sports, right up to your phone.

Channel 3

Channel 3 offers you dedicated streaming services for live television events, including sports events from all over the world. It is certainly one of the channels that you can choose to stream event through. You can stream all your AFC matches through channel 3 to a select number of devices and watch it with the help of your various devices including your android. It certainly comes with an attractive membership fee as well as several tools that you can use to search for your favorite match.

YouTube TV

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This is our compilation of some of the best channels where you can watch the live telecast of all your favorite football matches. The subscription/ membership fee is within a reasonable range and attractively priced. It also comes with a detailed guide and the set up is relatively easy.

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