5 Winter Events to Strengthen Your Family Bond This Winter

5 Winter Events to Strengthen Your Family Bond This Winter


5 Winter Events to Strengthen Your Family Bond This Winter



For many, the winter season usually means being holed up in the house, marooned with the blues of the grey weather. For some other though, winter has its fun moments. Attending sports events with families is the chance to strengthen the bonds, to share the love and make new memories.

Daring families who go out in search of fun and adventure come back more cohesive and with exciting stories to tell. So what is your family up to this winter? You can make memories with the below sporting events perfect for the whole family.

  1.  Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing is not a complicated sport, and anyone can hack it including novices. Your family will have to take a safety precaution lesson first. You can get alpine skiing opportunities in many resorts.

Usually, there is an instructor for the kids to ensure they go about it safely and without any difficulties. The safest way to pick resort is to check reviews on them online and monitor mentions using the phone lookup of hotel you’d like to stay or email of tour service company.

Try off-grid alpine skiing events in the Nova Scotia or Cape Breton where you will enjoy a full vacation experience. Since January is a Learn to Ski Month in the USA, venues all over the country will be offering incredibly low deals for beginners and families to learn from accomplished instructors. The packages include professional training, gear rentals and lift tickets.

  1.  Dog Sledding

In the old days, dogs were the only means of transport over snow in the north poles. Today, this has been turned into a sport that can raise the spirits of the whole family when the temperatures drop below zero.

In Michigan, many Kennel tour companies offer family dog sledding fun runs from December to February.

There is usually a variety of rides and fun packages that include guided tours on a dog sled, musher tours where you take the reins of the canines and group adventure tours among others.

Between Feb 15 and 17, you can attend UP 200 dog sledding race in Michigan. This is one of the best dog sledding races in the whole country. A big crowd assembles to watch the mushers navigate challenging terrains. You and your family will get a chance to enjoy the winter weather and the local culture. You can indulge in rare cuisines, or get out exploring Marquette’s fat biking opportunities.

  1.  Fat Biking

Fat biking events have become synonymous with USA winters. Fat bikes come with large rims and simple gears with massive tires, perfect for exploring snow-covered trails. Your kids and teens will love this activity.

Some fat biking events your family can participate this winter include the Minnesota Bottoms on January 19 and 26. The event is sponsored by the Bloomington Winter Fete. On January 20th you and your entire family could head up to Carver Lake for the Cold Catfish Cup. After the race, you can indulge in the after party with plenty of hot beverages, music and food trucks.

On February 16, there is a multipurpose recreational tour waiting for you in Ely Minnesota. This event will be a ski tour, a fat bike ride, and a nightly fat bike race all in one. Kids will have their separate races together with a communal bonfire and lots of great foods.

  1.  Cross-country skiing

Cross country skiing is another exciting winter activity to try with your family. It is much easier compared to snowboarding or alpine skiing. Any child as long as they can walk can manage cross-country skiing. The best thing about this activity is that you need not go to a resort away from home, you could do it in your backyard just as long as you have the poles and the ski boots.

If you want to get out of the house after a long holiday season, then save January 19th for cross country skiing at the Beaver Creek Reserve. The event will also include, and many sessions for kids crafts, hot chocolates, and some dog sledding run for the early birds.

  1.  Snowboarding

Snowboarding is like a snow surfing event loved by many kids. Many resorts provide rental snowboarding equipment together with traditional skis. Favorite snowboarding spots in the USA lie on mountain ranges, such as the Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada.

This winter, snowboarding events you can take your family to include the Snow Valley snowshoes trails on January 19th. The event will consist of campfires, great food, and guided snowboarding through nature trails.


There are countless family-friendly winter activities and events that will warm your hearts and get you ready for the year ahead. The adrenaline and excitement will take you so high that you will forget about the minus zero temperatures.

Mark Meyer works as the content manager at Spokeo. His field of expertise includes business, marketing, and self – improvement. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and surfing. 

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