Top 4 Online Casino Cashback Offers

Top 4 Online Casino Cashback Offers


Top 4 Online Casino Cashback Offers


Online gambling has become extremely popular over the last few years. Players will find that there is almost an infinite line of casinos to choose from. With the unlimited number of casinos to choose from the casinos have gotten really creative over the years. Some casinos will offer deposit bonuses as a means to draw in and retain old customers. Some will offer free spins on slots and some have now even started offering the cashback bonus. Cashback bonuses are growing in popularity because who doesn’t like getting money back that they have lost? In fact, there is nothing that will put a smile on any gamblers face faster.

How Do Cashback Bonuses Work?

Cashback bonuses are completely different from deposit bonuses or free spins because they are based on the players past betting activities. Simply put, you do not have to make a deposit to ascertain this type of bonus, but you will have to meet certain terms and regulations that might include making a deposit. A cashback bonus should be thought of as a percentage of the money that players have lost during a specific time frame. Sometimes these bonuses are offered on a weekly basis and sometimes they are offered on a monthly basis. It really depends on the casino. Sometimes these bonuses are only offered to VIP players. Make sure that you consider all these stipulations as well as the withdrawal stipulations when you are choosing a site for the cashback bonus.

The Weekly Slots 25% Cashback Bonus

Are you a huge slots fan? If so, you are going to love the weekly slots 25% cashback bonus. There are a number of casinos out there like joker123 that are offering this type of bonus to players. This bonus will award players 25% of their losses back on slots every week. Players can simply take advantage of this bonus by playing the slots throughout the week. The bonus is calculated and based on the casino’s daily profits and it is awarded to players by percentage. The more players bet during the day, the more they are going to get back.

The 10% Cashback Up To 450 Bonus Credits

This cashback bonus works in a much different manner than the one above. This bonus offers players a 10% bonus monthly, but the player is required to make at least four deposits. And, all four deposits have to be made within the casino’s timeframe.

The 10% Weekly Casino Rebate

The 10% weekly casino rebate uses a different formula that the cashback bonuses mentioned above. This bonus is actually based on the casino loss for the week. The casino takes their losses, bonuses, rewards, and cash rebates for the week and compares it to their profit and customers will be paid back 10% of the difference. The one exception to this bonus is that it doesn’t offer a rollover so it will have to be claimed and spent within a certain time period.

150% Cashback For The First-Day

The 150% cashback for the first-day bonus is a whole different type of bonus altogether. It offers players 150% cashback for every deposit that they make during their entire first day. This is more like a one-time cashback bonus, but you literally don’t have to do anything to claim the bonus. It will automatically be credited to your account the next morning.

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