Martial Arts is a combination of various Arts of combat and self-defense. It is a form of training for both the body and mind and is thus better for kids than team sports. It includes basic fighting techniques, physical exercises, and mental discipline among other things. Team sports is usually more focused on playing a sport as a team and playing it against another team to win.  

The objective is to beat or outscore the opposing team, and the players all share this objective. Martial arts on the other hand works on bringing your mind and body to complete control and discipline to actually win.

Why martial arts better

Martial Arts is used for self-discipline, exercise, health, spiritual growth, law enforcement and athletic competition; all qualities very essential for a child to learn from a young age. It is said that discipline is needed to achieve great things and martial arts is a sport that helps children to learn discipline. It is also very healthy for a child to start from a young age to be self-confident and have good self-esteem. This also can come from practicing Martial Arts and before send practicing make sure your child wear standard BJJ belt and martial GI also.

Among many other benefits, it can help improve a child’s stability and children who need help with weight loss or young adolescents that want to become stronger and tone muscles can also use Martials arts to their gain. Martial arts teach children to respect their bodies and love them. This trains them to think for themselves, and have self-control.

It is a full body workout, and it focuses on reaching goals in a non-intimidating environment and kids feel safe to take their time with getting there. They don’t have the pressure and stress to be better than they are which is one strong down side to team sports and hence martial arts is better for kids than team sports. Each achievement is rewarded and kids learn that way that a small achievement is an achievement nonetheless and is worthy.   

For a young teenager, it can be a very tumultuous time of their lives where their feelings can be tricky or they experience emotions they find hard to control, and here as well martial arts can help them center their feelings and focus to discern what their mind tells them and what their feelings tell them and then separate them.

When one’s mind is at peace, and they are in complete control of their emotions and feelings, then they are really at peace and can get things done. Many kids need something besides school to let out their extra energy, and here most of them rely on sports. Sports does help in the sense that they work off all their energy and this drive they get from the toxins released calms them down and is healthy. Here as well, martial arts can help in the same way as team sports.  

In addition to that, it is used as self-defense vastly and is really helpful in today’s cruel world where you can’t really trust anything around you. Many parents feel a lot more at peace sending out a child who is well versed in self-defense, knowing full well that their child will come back home to them safe and sound. School bullies are not a worry anymore when you know your child can defend themselves.  

When it comes to martial arts, there is no gender inequality. It is an art that can be learnt and mastered by male and female alike. This is a huge benefit as team sports is vastly male dominated in today’s world. For parents who want to practice with their children, it is completely possible with Martial arts, and it can be practiced almost anywhere, even at home. Martial Arts helps in multiple ways when team sports help in a few, making martial arts a better and smarter choice for your kid.

Author bio: Purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, stave marlin love to learn more and do hard work also share his experience on martial boss blog about martial technique and tips for beginner.

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