4 Tips to using Instagram to your advantage

4 Tips to using Instagram to your advantage


4 Tips to using Instagram to your advantage


There are many advantages to using Instagram for your business. While you might use it as a social networking channel, you can also make use of it to enable you to grow your business. You can do this by utilizing tools on the platform, adding creative filters and sharing your posts with your followers. When posted, any photos that you upload can be posted not only on Instagram but on other social channels like Facebook and Twitter as well. Here are some tips to effectively use Instagram for your business to build your brand.

Display your brand

Instagram can be used by businesses to create a nice balance and showcase a brand’s personality while at the same time giving the followers more information about the brand.

You can use Instagram to do more than just advertise your business, but instead display pictures of your products, services, and any other additional items. Just find a better and creative way to incorporate your products and brand into pictures so that people will want to see and share them.

Maximize Instagram tools

Instagram tools are there to help you grow your business so maximize them well. Tools such as filters when used the right could lead to a noticeable shift in engagement. By using the right filter you can create an increase of up to 60% in your followers’ engagement. But, to do this you need to consider your location first. Instagram can make standard scenery appear richer and attractive, especially when tools like the color filters are used effectively. This makes the photo in your Instagram post to look spectacular.


Incorporate others to your posts

Engagement and recognition is an important aspect of most social media platforms and as an entrepreneur, you need to collaborate and mention others who are in your business as well as your followers. Try and highlight your collaborators as well as sharing customer success stories. This will encourage other customers to trust your brand.


Also, you can give to charity or do a fundraiser, which aligns with your brand values and mission to increase your brand’s visibility. You can also follow your followers and create strategic relationships with them on Instagram. Just choose from the brands and people you enjoy and can learn from and then follow them back.

Balance and show a sense of style

Before posting any post or image on Instagram, take a good look at it, put yourself in your follower’s shoes and determine if the image is what would entice you. This will enable you to get your follower’s point of view and help you pick the right image and if possible apply the necessary filters to give it a professional look. The image should also fit in with the style your brand is trying to portray.

Having focused on giving your followers exclusivity you will ensure that your customers’ interest stays intact. This can also be used as an effective marketing campaign for your brand. In case you want to earn Instagram followers fast you can also buy automatic Instagram likes from sites that sell the service and grow your Instagram followers.

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