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I can’t get enough of KG’s story about dragging Austin Rivers

I came out the weight room, had my shoes untied, he rolled the ball, it hit my toes… I said, Whaaatttt?

I’m gonna drag him, bro. Drag him. I know your Dad is the coach so I gotta be careful about this dragging. 

He made the first one and I went to tie my shoes and I heard P (Paul Pierce) say, Yeah….

I mopped him 5-1.

There’s nothing better than listening to Kevin Garnett tell behind-the-scenes stories from his time in Boston.

This story just kills me. Every line is delivered perfectly (Although I’m not sure Tony Allen buys KG’s recollection of the dunk).

Garnett is my second favorite Celtics player, right behind Legend. Can’t wait for his number to be retired.

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