Major Update On Possible Headliner Of The 'WWE Hall Of Fame'

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Major Update On Possible Headliner Of The 'WWE Hall Of Fame'

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Major Update On Possible Headliner Of The 'WWE Hall Of Fame'


January 2019 is almost in the books, which means for the WWE Universe that the Royal Rumble is near.  Habitually by this time, fans have an idea on what they can expect for WrestleMania in the spring.

This expectation includes the announcement of the headliner for the year’s Hall of Fame class.  Usually announced within the first two weeks of the New Year, this time there hasn’t been any formal announcement of the headliner for the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame so far.

It’s not to say that there haven’t been any plans set forth.  But perhaps it will be a big announcement, making the announcement worth the wait.  Fans can’t help but to speculate on the impending news.

But has WWE inadvertently spoiled the huge news due to error?  Subscribers to the WWE Network received an email promoting new programs from the WWE Vault.  The email includes programs featuring Hall of Famers, to which brings interest and nostalgia for fans.

While using Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair to garner the fans interest, one other name that was listed first was The Undertaker.

Photo: WWE

Obviously The Undertaker is a shoe-in for the WWE Hall of Fame.  One of Vince McMahon’s greatest gimmick creations, there is no doubt the Deadman has had quite the epic career.  His longevity has been one that will last beyond generations.  No one has captured the audience quite like The Undertaker.

As he approaches an unprecedented thirty years with the company, perhaps now is the time for the Deadman to receive what is widely considered to be one of pro wrestling’s biggest honors.

Photo: WWE

In addition to the email in question, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that there are currently no plans for The Undertaker en route to WrestleMania 35.  As of this writing, there is no indication other than a teasing Facebook post that more looms on the horizon.  Fans know as well that plans can always change as the Road to WrestleMania begins this weekend.

Photo: WWE

This news brings further speculation on what to expect for the milestone WrestleMania weekend.  If the news turns out to be true, The Undertaker will be the third active Superstar to accept the Hall of Fame Induction.  Ric Flair was the first one back in 2008, followed with Sting in 2016.

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