Sports Betting shirt sponsorships in the Premier League

Sports Betting shirt sponsorships in the Premier League


Sports Betting shirt sponsorships in the Premier League


Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world and European football clubs are head and shoulders above their international counterparts. The Premier League is one of the prominent domestic leagues and in recent years it was acknowledged as the strongest continent-wide. Not surprisingly, there is tremendous interest from companies willing to advertise their brands and among them are bookmakers and casinos. There’s a lot of money at stake and these ventures are more than willing to invest big money for the exposure guaranteed by shirt sponsorship.

Gambling Sites Advertise Heavily on Football Shirts

There are a total of 20 football clubs in the Premier League and nearly half of them chose a gambling company has their main sponsor. Most of them are bookmakers, but casinos and poker rooms have discovered the advantages of associating their names to these prestigious football squads. In the Championship the situation is very much alike and 17 out of 24 teams have chosen to go down this path. There’s a lot of money going to the club’s coffers, while the advertising brands reap their own benefits.

The fact that in 2018 nearly 60% of the teams in the top two divisions chose to sign shirt sponsorship deals suggests that the trend is going strong. Over the last couple of years, more bookmakers found it worthwhile to display their brands on football shirts. Watching football games and betting on matches goes hand-in-hand, so bookmakers use these advertisements as effective tools to expand their player base. At the same time, many of them work with gamble awareness groups and try to promote better gaming practices that can keep punters safe.

The Main Sportsbooks Sponsors in the Premier League

Even though nearly half of the teams playing in the first division have a bookmaker as their main shirt sponsors, no two teams are sponsored by the same brand. Bournemouth has the emblem of Mansion88 emblazoned on their shirts, while Burnley chose to sign a deal with LaBa360. ManBetX is the main sponsor of Crystal Palace, while SportPesa and Dafabet promote their brands on Everton and Fulham football shirts. Meanwhile, Huddersfield is sponsored by OPE, while Newcastle United signed a deal with Fun88. Betway is the main sponsor of West Ham, while Wolverhampton is sponsored by W88.

Interesting enough, none of the top teams chose the main sponsors among bookmakers or mobile casinos. Instead, they showcase the brands of banks, airline companies and other major businesses, who can afford to sponsor these juggernauts. Having said this, bookmakers benefit greatly from the partnerships with football clubs and they are likely to ramp up spending in the upcoming years. This mutually beneficial agreement also explains why the number of people betting on football increases every year.

There’s a lot of interest for the teams playing in the Championship, especially the ones that have a decent shot at qualifying. Three-quarters of them already have sports betting shirt sponsorships and many more are expected to follow. Aston Villa, Blackburn, Birmingham, Brentford, Bristol City, Bolton, Derby County, Ipswich, Hull, Leeds United, Middlesbrough, Norwich, Nottingham Forest, Preston, QPR, Stoke, and Swansea are all sponsored by bookmakers in 2018.

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