UND Hockey: Grant Mismash Injured by Jimmy Schuldt

UND Hockey: Grant Mismash Injured by Jimmy Schuldt


UND Hockey: Grant Mismash Injured by Jimmy Schuldt


First, I want to be clear, for the most part, the NCHC officials do a very good job calling the game. It’s not easy calling a hockey game. There are a lot of moving parts and the refs can’t see everything. The on-ice officials are human, and humans make mistakes. Moreover, there are safeguards in place to help elevate mistakes. There’s no way to spin this, last night’s game between UND and SCSU was poorly officiated.

I don’t want to have any more awkward elevator rides a the Frozen Faceoff. I am not writing anything that I wouldn’t say to their faces. This has to be addressed. Also, the same names keep popping up.

With that said, last night’s performance by the on-ice officials was unacceptable. They have to be better.

First, they probably blew a call on a goal that appeared to go in. See embedded video. The ruling was there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the play on the ice. In the end, it didn’t cost SCSU the game.

Brutal Knee-on-Knee, No Call

In the waning minutes of the third period, with UND trailing 2-1, Huskies captain Jimmy Schuldt hit sophomore forward Grant Mishmash with a dirty knee-on-knee hit. No call. After the hit, Mismash slashed Schuldt with his stick and was assessed a two-minute minor penalty for slashing.

At the UND bench, NCHC on-ice official Todd Anderson told an irate Berry, “I saw it.” Instead of reviewing the play, we played on.

“I’m very, very, disappointed,” an upset Berry said in the post-game press conference. And again, I’m not going to get in any trouble here by making a comment, but that was that was a knee-on-knee that should have been reviewed. We have a protocol in place and it wasn’t reviewed and I’m very disappointed in that.

“It’s not the result of the game that I’m alluding to. It’s one of those things where you know where anything is 50/50 like that at that time in the game has got to get reviewed, and we have that in our protocol.”

Berry was asked why the play wasn’t reviewed? “They just felt it was a clean hit,” Berry said.”

When asked about Mismash’s status, Berry said, “He will be out.” I would be very surprised if Mismash isn’t done for the season. When you look at the video, his leg bent in a very awkward position.

Below is the video of the play in question. In my opinion, the on-ice officials blew this call. There’s also no reason not to review this play. Get over to the penalty box and review this play. You’d probably have a decision in 30-45 seconds.

Here’s the NCAA rule book. From watching the play on the ice and the video numerous times, IMHO, this is a textbook example of kneeing.

Rule 52 – Kneeing –52.1 Kneeing – A player shall not use the knee in such a manner as to foul an
PENALTY—Minor, major, game misconduct or disqualification at the discretion of the referee.

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