Taj Gibson, You Did Nothing Wrong Here

Taj Gibson, You Did Nothing Wrong Here

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Taj Gibson, You Did Nothing Wrong Here


Dear Taj Gibson,

I saw that infamous ejection of yours:

I watched it again, and again, and to be fair to you, I don’t really see the problem here.

I researched the postgame reactions, and I saw your quote to the Star Tribune:

As for the gesture he made toward Williams, which might draw Gibson a fine, Gibson said that was “just a part of the emotion.”

“Like I said before I’m human, but I got a lot of respect for James,” Gibson said. “Playing the games — he’s been reffing my games 10-plus years in the NBA. That’s up to me to just go talk to him and apologize.”

Well then! No need to read between the lines…nothing to see here.

You were remorseful, you apologized, and you moved on.

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