Relive the final out of every World Series since 2000

Relive the final out of every World Series since 2000

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Relive the final out of every World Series since 2000


Editor’s note: This article has been slightly updated from its original version.

Although it’s nearly impossible to tell by looking at the available players still on the free agent market, baseball is right around the corner. In mere weeks, all 30 MLB teams will be reporting to their respective Spring Training complexes in Arizona and Florida, finally signaling the start of the 2019 season.

Spring Training is a fun time because it’s all about the optimism — even if your favorite team is in the thick of a rebuild, the possibilities are still endless with a clean slate. Sure, we have an idea of what’s going to happen, but we don’t actually know.

While it may only just be for a minute, you can drift off and imagine what it’d be like to watch your favorite squad realize October glory. This past year’s Fall Classic is a great example that every single moment is packed with tremendous action, but my absolute favorite part each year is when the final out is made.

That moment never fails to give me goosebumps. So as we wait for Spring Training, and eventually, actual games to be played, why not take a look back at each final out of the World Series this century? Enjoy.

2000: New York Yankees vs. New York Mets

2001: New York Yankees vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

2002: Anaheim Angels vs. San Francisco Giants

2003: New York Yankees vs. Florida Marlins

2004: Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals

2005: Houston Astros vs. Chicago White Sox

2006: Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

2007: Boston Red Sox vs. Colorado Rockies

2008: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Tampa Bay Rays

2009: New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies

2010: Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants

2011: Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

2012: San Francisco Giants vs. Detroit Tigers

2013: Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals

2014: San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals

2015: Kansas City Royals vs. New York Mets

2016: Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians

2017: Houston Astros vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

2018: Boston Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Is it Opening Day yet?

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