Pelicans not feeling pressure to move Anthony Davis by deadline

Pelicans not feeling pressure to move Anthony Davis by deadline


Pelicans not feeling pressure to move Anthony Davis by deadline


ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski with an update on the AD trade request:

New Orleans plans to issue a statement later Monday, but officials are already privately expressing that the organization doesn’t feel pressure to move Davis before the Feb. 7 trade deadline.

Davis’ declaration on wanting out now gives teams other than the Boston Celtics a head start in pursuing trades for Davis. Restricted by the Designated Rookie Extension contract, Boston cannot trade for Davis until July 1 because collective bargaining rules wouldn’t allow both Kyrie Irving‘s and Davis’ contracts to be on a roster together under that provision. Irving becomes a free agent on July 1.

Boston could agree to a Davis trade with New Orleans prior to July 1 and then finalize a trade after that date.

This is an opportunity for the Los Angeles Lakers to be aggressive in offering a package for Davis prior to Boston’s inclusion into talks. Paul also represents Lakers star LeBron James, and the Lakers have been determined to acquire Davis in a deal, league sources said.

Several teams told ESPN that they’re already weighing the possibility of making offers for Davis, including contenders who’d be willing to use Davis to chase a championship this season and perhaps recoup assets lost in a trade to New Orleans by flipping Davis at auction after the season — or keeping him into the final year of his contract.

I think a big factor in this situation is whether New Orleans ownership lets Dell Demps – the GM who couldn’t keep Anthony Davis – make a trade and start the rebuild. I’m skeptical. If Demps is a short-timer, then there will not be a trade at the deadline.

LOL, the Lakers are “determined.”

I wonder which contenders are mulling offers. Maybe Denver? Milwaukee? Toronto?

BetOnline has laid odds on the AD’s next destination:

  • Los Angeles Lakers +125
  • Boston Celtics +300
  • New York Knicks +500

We’re going to hear a lot about the Lakers in the coming days, weeks and months. But don’t expect Danny Ainge to blink, no matter what is said. This tidbit came from Zach Lowe last month:

That might leave only Boston and the Lakers with the combination of assets, remaining roster power, and market/historical appeal. The Celtics want their chance, and if they get it, expect them to be ultra-aggressive even without any assurances from Davis that he will re-sign. The Celtics are confident in the team and culture they have built under Brad Stevens.

And let’s not forget Kevin Garnett once refused to play for the Celtics in the months leading to his eventual trade. How’d that turn out?

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