Chicago Bar: No Cubs Fans Allowed

Chicago Bar: No Cubs Fans Allowed

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Chicago Bar: No Cubs Fans Allowed


Walk into to any bar anywhere in the world and you’re bound to see a variety of “house rules”.

Well…no shoes, no shirt, no service is one thing. The guidelines The Hyde Chi recently posted to social media?  That’s a whole different story.

The owners of the new southside Chicago bar is causing quite a stir with the 16 rules guests must follow if they decide to stop in for a drink. Among the most controversial…no cell phones, no Trump supporters and no Cubs fans.

But, apparently, it’s all in good fun.

“Some people don’t really see the humor in it,” bar owner Jovanis Bouargoub told the Chicago Tribune, “which is disturbing.”

While Bouargoub might be kidding about not caring who his patrons root or voted for, he is strict about The Hyde’s dress code (jerseys, ball caps and white socks aren’t allowed) and cell phone rules.

“If we see you checking your emails or your social media, then the host or one of the staff will tell you to please put your phone away…and if you don’t listen to that, the host will escort you out and you won’t be allowed in next time,” Bouargoub added. “We’re very serious about that.”

Got it.

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