How To Watch AFC Asian Cup 2019 Live Stream Online - Finals

How To Watch AFC Asian Cup 2019 Live Stream Online - Finals


How To Watch AFC Asian Cup 2019 Live Stream Online - Finals


Japan will face Qatar in the finals of AFC Asian Cup on 1st February 2019. We have the best streaming channels guide and schedule here. Football is love for everybody. There is no life without sports especially cricket & football. No fans want to miss any match or any moment of the game of their favorite films. There are in total eight scenes in United Arab Emirates where many matches of AFC Asian Cup 2019 will take place. These matches will be extremely enjoyable to watch. The matches will possess several gatherings or 4 groups & those with the highest scores will get into the final sporting game. AFC Asian Cup 2019 live streaming available online on various channels such as Fox, ITV, BBC Stream Free, BeIN Sports & many sports channels.

Today in AFC Asian Cup (1st February 2019) – Final

Japan vs Qatar (7.30 PM IST)

afc asian cup 2019

AFC Asian Cup 2019 is a football tournament championship for Asia arranged & organized by Asian Football Confederations (AFC). So, they have kept the name as AFC Asian Cup 2019. The AFC Asian Cup 2019 will be the 17th edition that will be held in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). The same was announced on the 9th March 2015 that the tournament would be hosted at UAE & 2019 will be the second time that they will be organizing. The last competition was organized in UAE back in 1996. AFC Asian Cup 2019 football tournament which will happen in the year 2019. This game will be an interesting format that will change the game forever. This is also equally better as well as unpredictable.

Australia is the defending champion & they will be coming to the fields of AFC Asian Cup 2019. They are very energetic as well as confident. The winners will not only be earning trophy but also will be gaining the right to play in the FIFA Confederations Cup 2021. The FIFA Confederations Cup 2021 will be the second biggest football tournament for FIFA right after the FIFA World Cup matches. The qualification matches are played & the teams were participating in the AFC Asian Cup 2019 are already listed. You can also catch your favorite team’s tournament matches online with live streaming of the same.

Semi-Final Scores

We will be updating the live scores of AFC Asian Cup 2019 Semi-Final matches here.

Iran 0 Japan 3

Qatar 4 UAE 0

Japan reached the finals of AFC Asian cup 2019.

Qatar in finals of AFC Asian Cup 2019

Quarter Final Scores

Vietnam 0 Japan 1

China 0 Iran 3

South Korea 0 Qatar 1

UAE 1 Australia 0

Round of 16 scores and results

Jordan 1 Vietnam 4

Thailand 1 China 1

Iran 2 Oman 0

Japan 1 Saudi Arabia 0

Australia 4 Uzbekistan 2

UAE 3 Kyrgyztan 2

South Korea 2 Bahrain 1

Qatar 1 Iraq 0

Results and Scores (Round Games)

We will be updating the match results and final scores of AFC Asian Cup 2019 right after the matches here.

UAE 1 Bahrain 1

Australia 0 Jordan 1

India 4 Thailand 1

Syria 0 Palestine 0

China PR 2 Kyrgyzstan 1

South Korea 1 Philippines 0

Iran 5 Yemen 0

Iraq 3 Vietnam 2

Saudi Arabia 4 North Korea 0

Japan 3 Turkmenistan 2

Uzbekistan 2 Oman 1

Qatar 2 Lebanon 0

Bahrain 0 Thailand 1

Jordan 2 Syria 0

India 0 UAE 2

Australia 3 Palestine 0

Philippines 0 vs China 3

Kyrgyzstan 0 South Korea 1

Vietnam 0 Iran 2

Yemen 0 Iraq 3

Lebanon 2 Saudi Arabia 2

North Korea 0 Qatar 6

Oman 0 Japan 1

Turkmenistan 0 Uzbekistan 4

UAE 1 Thailand 1

India 0 Bahrain 1

Australia 3 Syria 2

Palestine 0 Jordan 0

South Korea 2 China 0

Kyrgyzstan 3 Philippines 1

Vietnam 2 Yemen 0

Iran 0 Iraq 0

Oman 3 Turkmenistan 1

Japan 2 Uzbekistan 1

Saudi Arabia 0 Qatar 2

Lebanon 4 North Korea 1


AFC Asian Cup Live Stream 2019 Channels

One can catch live streaming of AFC Asian Cup 2019 on many channels such as Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Jip TV, Hotstar, Now TV, Eurosport, CCTV, Sky Sport, Channel 7 & many more. This live streaming will be made worldwide in several countries such as India, Singapore, Europe, Dubai, America, Australia, New Zealand & many more. The matches are going to be held in between 5th January 2019 to 1st February 2019 on various channels.

The winner of the AFC Asian Cup 2019 will receive a Trophy along with some cash prize. They will also receive a chance to participate in the 2021 international soccer tournaments. Not everyone can fit into the stadium and that is where online streaming channels come into consideration. Let’s take a look at each online streaming channel which can help you to watch the AFC Asian Cup 2019 online.


fubo tv live

One of the most familiar online TV channels is none other than the FuboTV. Over the years, the company has been providing online streaming services ranging from sports to non-sports category. Including FOX, FuboTV offers different sets of premium channels in the subscription plan itself.

The charges are $44.99 per month which even comes with a fantastic 7-days free trial.

Hulu with Live TV


In order to watch the AFC Asian Cup 2019 live without cable, Hulu with Live TV can be the second perfect option. It includes FOX in their bundle package and comes at a cost of just $39.99 per month.

Here, you get 55+ channels whereas FOX is the one through which you can watch AFC Asian cup 2019. Hulu even comes with a free trial period to test the streaming and later on pay for the charges.

Sling TV

The most traditional online streaming service is none other than Sling TV. It offers some premium set of packages at very lesser pricing. Their base package comes at amazing pricing of $25 per month which goes on increasing as per channel availability.

In case if you are not sure to buy Sling TV subscription, you can test their 7-days free trial and then opt for a full-fledged subscription plan.

PlayStation Vue

Yet another great option to watch the AFC Asian Cup 2019 and PlayStation Vue comes into the picture. This requires no satellite or cable connection and all that is needed is a high-speed net connection and compatible device.

It offers almost every online channel whereas FOX is bundled inside the package. You can go ahead and purchase even the smallest package and get FOX channel to watch the AFC Asian Cup 2019 live.

YouTube TV

I guess you must be familiar with the YouTube Platform and nothing is wrong with the streaming service of YouTube. If you are willing to pay for viewing online channels, YouTube TV is one of the most perfect options. Although it’s not the cheapest one, you can still enjoy quality AFC Asia cup experience any time of the day.

The YouTube TV package comes at $40 which comes with some great channels of the world. Even for testing purpose, YouTube TV gives a 7-day trial period to test the service and then pay for its subscription plan.

DirectTV Now

In case if you live in an apartment, dorm or rental properties, DirectTV Now is also a fantastic option. At pricing of $40 per month, you get to enjoy some really good channels right from your home comfort. To watch the AFC Asian Cup 2019, Fox Live is also included within the package of DirectTV Now.

However, this streaming company has got a geo-restriction policy. Therefore, before you choose this service, you will have to see whether it is accessible in your country or not.

Free Over-the-Air TV

In areas where local affiliate stations are present, you can effortlessly watch AFC Asian Cup with Free Over-the-Air TV. These services cover FOX channels and all that you need is to be in the FOX coverage area.

Every work is done with the help of the transmitter which can reach your location and broadcast the event on the compatible device.

Requirements of the Free Over-the-Air TV is a great signal antenna which can capture the transmission and let you watch AFC Asian Cup 2019 online.


Hotstar brings you live coverage of all AFC Asian Cup matches online in HD quality in India. Mobile users can download Hotstar available for all devices.

Kayo Sports

If you are in Australia, Kayo Sports brings the exclusive live online coverage of all AFC Asian Cup matches 2019 in HD quality. You can opt out for a free trial of 14 days and enjoy the games. One can avail the premium subscription for $25 per month.


DAZN is one of the best online channel to watch AFC Asian Cup online in United States and other Countries. You can opt out for the trial period of 30 days which gives you access to watch Semi Final matches. DAZN is available in different Countries like Germany, Austria, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

The AFC Asian Cup 2019 Details

The AFC Asian Cup 2019 is going to take place in the year 2019. This is an exciting football tournament that will create enthusiasm among the fans worldwide. There are several big teams going to participate in the competition that will create more & more excitement. This tournament will be initiated at the beginning of 2019. As discussed earlier, there are many teams involved in the AFC Asia Cup 2019 that includes India.

India was directly qualified in the AFC Asia Cup 2019 tournament match after a long journey & it was qualified earlier in the year 1984. The live streaming of the matches will be available in several sports channel in India. One can watch the live streaming on any sports channel & the AFC Asian Cup 2019 will include a total of 24 different nation teams. There are almost eight venues in United Arab Emirates where the AFC Asian Cup 2019 games will be organized & this will indeed create an absolute fun among the fans worldwide.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 Teams

The AFC Asian Cup 2019 will be one of the most enthusiastic football tournaments that are going to take place at the beginning of 2019. This is another exciting football tournament after FIFA Football games. The AFC Asian Cup 2019 has a total of 24 football teams & majorly every team had to undergo through the qualification rounds of sports. As mentioned earlier, all the 24 teams are separated into six major groups with four team members per group. The significant nations included in the AFC Asian Cup 2019 are India, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Vietnam, Oman, Lebanon, China & many more.

 What are the groups for the AFC Asian Cup 2019 Teams?

As mentioned earlier, the AFC Asian Cup 2019 teams are divided into six major groups consisting of 4 countries per group. The bifurcation is listed as below:

  • Group A: India, Thailand, Bahrain, UAE
  • Group B: Syria, Australia, Palestine, Jordan
  • Group C: China, Philippines, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan
  • Group D: Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Vietnam
  • Group E: Qatar, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon
  • Group F: Uzbekistan, Oman, Japan, Turkmenistan

Teams Participating in AFC Asian Cup 2019

  • India: Indian National Football team is an international football team, controlled by All India Football Federation. The Indian National Football Team is also a part of the South Asian Football Federation & the Indian Football Team was considered one of the best football playing teams in Asia during the 1950s & 1960s. Currently, the Indian Football Team include several professional experts viz Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Vishal Kaith, Amrinder Singh, Sarthak Golui, Balwant Singh & many more. The players belong from different cities & state striving extremely hard to make their strong position in the AFC Asian Cup 2019 as well as FIFA World Cup games.
  • Thailand: The Thailand National Football team is an international football team controlled by Football Association of Thailand, Asian Football Confederation & last but not the least ASEAN Football Federation. The nickname of Thailand Football Team is War Elephants & the team has achieved 5 ASEAN Football Championship titles along with nine senior-level Southeast Asian Games titles. The Thailand current squad includes Chatchai Budprom, Sarandon Anuin, Siwarak Tedsungneon, Adisorn Promrak, Pansa Hemviboon, Tristan Do, Sumanya Purisai & many more. The Thailand Football Team is all set to explore their expert skills at the AFC Asian Cup 2019 fields.
  • Japan: The Japan National Football Team is an international professional football team managed by the Japan Football Association (JFA). The Head Coach of the same is Hajime Moriyasu. The Japan Football Team is considered as one of the most successful football teams in India that have won the AFC Asian Cup four times in the years 1992, 2000, 2004 & 2011. The rivals are South Korea & Australia. The current squad includes Masaaki Higashiguchi, Daniel Schmidt, Shuichi Gonda, Hiroki Sakai, Genta Miura, Sho Sasaki, Junya Ito & many more.
  • Iraq: The Iraq National Football Team is an international football controlled by the Iraq Football Association, West Asian Football Federation, Asian Football Confederation, Union of Arab Football Associations & Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation. The current squad includes Jalal Hassan, Mohammed Hameed, Mohammed Gassid, Ali Adnan, Ahmad Ibrahim & many more. The Iraq National Football Team has played in several matches such as World Cups, Asian Cups, Olympic Games, Confederations Cups, Asian Games & many more.
  • Iran: The Iran National Football Team also known as Team Melli is operated by the Iran Football Federation. Iran Football Team has been qualified for the World Cup for almost five times in the years 1978, 1998, 2006, 2014 & 2018. The Iran Football Team also won two World Cup matches against the United States in the year 1998. The Iran Football Team include expert players such as Amir Abedzadeh, Alireza Beiranvand, Payam Niazmand, Vouria Ghafouri, Pejman Montazeri & many more.
  • Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Arabia National Football team is an international team operated by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation. The colours of the team are white & green. The current squad includes Waleed Abdullah, Mohammed Al-Owais, Mohammed Al-Rubeai, Ali Al-Bulaihi, Hattan Bahebri, Omar Hawsawi & many more. There are many top goal scorers in the Saudi Arabia Football Team & those have also gained much recognition.
  • Australia: The Australian National Football Team in an international men’s soccer team also called Socceroos. The Australian National Football Team is operated by Football Federation Australia, Asian Football Confederation & ASEAN Football Federation. The team has four times won the OFC Nations Cup in between the years 1980 & 2004. The current squad includes Mathew Ryan, Danny Vukovic, Mitchell Langerak, Milos Degenek, Alex Gersbach, Rhyan Grat & many more. They have played & won in several matches such as FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, AFC Asian Cup, Summer Olympics & many more.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 Venues

As discussed earlier the AFC Asian Cup 2019 will take place in the United Arab Emirates & all the tournaments will be played at different venues of United Arab Emirates. There are total eight venues & some of them are:

  • Zayed Sports City Stadium
  • Sharjah Stadium
  • Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium & Al Nahyan Stadium, Abu Dhabi
  • Al-Maktoum Stadium & Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium, Dubai
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium & Al Nahyan Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Asian Cup Football 2019 Semi-Finals

The AFC Asian Cup 2019 has been a typical roller-coaster ride for the 16 teams that reached the knockout stage. The 17th edition of AFC Cup began in January and saw some unexpected ousters from the game.

The Australians failed to defend their title after being kicked out in the semi-finals by the underdogs UAE. South Korea had a similar fate after getting an early exit from the game at the hands of Qatar in the last eight. On the other hand, the Japanese have saved a spot for themselves in the finals after defeating Iran.

The semi-finals of AFC Cup 2019 will be played on 29 January between Qatar and the hosts, United Arab Emirates. A lot is at stake with this encounter tonight as previous predictions in the AFC competition have gone haywire. The winner of semis will move ahead and play against Japan in the finals.

The semi-finals will be played at the Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi and match will start at 10:00 PM HKT/SGT.

Iran reached the Semi-finals beating China (3-0)

Japan beats Vietnam in the Quarter -final match (1-0)

Qatar in Semi -Finals beating South Korea (1-0)

UAE made a stunning win against Australia to reach the Semi Finals. (1-0)

Iran will face Japan on 28th January 2019.

Qatar will face UAE on 29th January 2019.

We have 2 more matches left which will confirm the semi final teams for AFC Asian Cup 2019. Stay tuned for updates.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 Quarter Finals

So the Quarter finals matches are ready. Vietnam will face Japan on 24th January 2019. Let’s check out full schedule below.

Vietnam vs Japan: 24th January 2019

China vs Iran: 24th January 2019

South Korea vs Qatar: 25th January 2019

UAE vs Australia: 25th January 2019

Teams qualified for Quarter-final matches

We have three teams qualified so far for the quarter finals of AFC Asian Cup 2019. China will face Iran on 24th January 2019. Vietnam also in for the next round. Let’s check out the teams confirmed for Quarter-finals below.

China – beating Thailand in Round of 16 matches.

Vietnam – beating Jordan (4-2).

Iran qualified beating Oman (2-0).


South Korea




We will be updating full list of teams qualified live daily here.

Which teams are confirmed for Knockout stage matches

Still few matches left in the first round. Let’s check out the qualifiers for the knockout round below.

* UAE, Thailand, and Bahrain advances to next round from Group A

* Jordan and Australia (Group B) are confirmed so far for the next round.

* China and South Korea from Group c are in for the knockout matches.

* From Group D, Iran and Iraq made it to the second round of AFC Asian Cup 2019.

* Qatar and Saudi Arabia qualified for the knockout stage from Group E.

* Uzbekistan and Japan in front in Group F for the second round matches.

AFC Asian Cup Round of 16 Schedule

So we are moving on to AFC Asian Cup 2019 Round of 16 matches which starts from 20th January 2019. Let’s check out full fixtures below.

20th January 2019: Jordan vs Vietnam (4.30 PM IST)

20th January 2019: Thailand vs China (7.30 PM IST)

20th January 2019: Iran vs Oman (10.30 PM IST)

21st January 2019: Japan vs Saudi Arabia (4.30 PM IST)

21st January 2019: Australia vs Uzbekistan (7.30 PM IST)

21st January 2019: UAE vs Kyrgyztan (10.30 PM IST)

22nd January 2019: South Korea vs Bahrain (6.30 PM IST)

23rd January 2019: Qatar vs Iraq (9.30 PM IST)

We will be updating final schedule after today’s matches. Stay tuned.

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