How To Watch AMA Supercross 2019 Live Stream Online - Round 5 San Diego

How To Watch AMA Supercross 2019 Live Stream Online - Round 5 San Diego


How To Watch AMA Supercross 2019 Live Stream Online - Round 5 San Diego


It’s 2019 and the Supercross season is looking in full acceleration. An event where you can catch a glimpse of the best motorbike racers all over the world, the excitement level is bound to get higher. Every racer is all set to face each other at the AMA Supercross 2019 championship. Along with that, things can’t get better than this for the fans who were waiting for this event to start. Right from the USA to China, every passionate biker will be eager to take part in this championship and show their real potential. All around the event, there will be some fantastic racers, and the races will be conducted in a secure environment.

supercross 2019

Talking about the first round? It’s going to be a breath taker and will bring the best performance from the riders. This time, many new riders have joined the party of 250 and 450 class. All of them are looking good to take each other and become the next big king of the Supercross Championship. It will be quite interesting to see which will be the riders who will top the list of 250 along with 450 ones.

Still, those were the talks about the riders who will take part in the competition. But, when we talk about the global mass of audience and their viewing, not everyone can fit into the stadium. Therefore, for your convenience and ease of watching, we have come up some really good information for you. Given below, we have listed some of the best online streaming channels through which you can watch the AMA Supercross 2019. I know you are feeling as excited as we are. So! Let’s move ahead and discover each online live streaming channels one by one.

Time: 4 PM ET
Date: 2nd February 2019
Venue: San Diego, CA
Live Stream: Watch here


AMA Supercross Live Stream 2019 Online Channels

Firstly two options are present if you want to watch the AMA Supercross 2019 Live Stream. Both of the options depend upon your residency in the USA.

The live streaming of Anaheim 2 RD3 event is pretty much reliable and always feature excellent commentators throughout the event.

On the other hand, Feld Motor Sports is working hard to grow the ways through which people can watch this event online.

Out of which, some of the best ways to watch the AMA Supercross 2019 online is as follows:

YouTube TV

Talking about one of the best online streaming channels will bring the YouTube TV into the limelight. It costs just $40 per month and gives you the privilege to watch the entire AMA Supercross 2019 championship.

Inside the package, you will get Fox Sports 1 along with Fox Sports 2. Therefore, you can easily watch the racing event from anywhere in the world.

Still, if you feel like testing this streaming service, they offer a 7-days free trial to you. You can sign up for their free trial, test it and then pay for their subscription plan.

DirectTV NOW

Another good option and the DirectTV NOW is all set to let you watch the AMA Supercross 2019 championship. Their starting package costs just $40 a month where you get a chance to avail some really good functions.

Also, if you a customer of AT&T, you can avail the base price at just $20 a month which is a super value deal.

Just like YouTube TV, it also offers a fantastic 7-days free trial to watch the AMA Supercross 2019 online.

All that you need is a high-speed internet connection and a compatible device such as a Smartphone, laptop or a computer.

But, you must be careful to cancel your free trial before you opt for any paid subscription plan, at the earliest.

PlayStation Vue

Other than just delivering games, PlayStation Vue is yet another good streaming service from SONY. With PlayStation Vue, you get a chance to see your favorite TV shows, sports events and much more from the comfort of your homes.

Coming down to their packages, they give Fox Sports 1 along with Fox Sports 2 which is a good thing. With such packages, you can easily watch the very first round of the Supercross championship without an issue.

However, when we talk about the pricing of PlayStation Vue packages, it’s slightly on the higher side. Their package starts from $45 for a month which goes even higher for premium packages.

Regarding the trial period, you get a 5-day free trial in which you can test the streaming services as you like. Although the trial period is less, you can test the video quality, number of channels and then move on to purchase the paid plan.

Lastly, without a doubt, you will need a faster internet connection if you want to stream AMA Supercross on PlayStation Vue. Lower is the speed of your net connection; greater will be the buffering time.

As the case for devices goes, you can watch the AMA Supercross championship on your Smartphone, iPad or any compatible laptop or a computer.

Sling TV

If you are looking for one of the cheapest options to watch the AMA Supercross 2019 live, Sling TV is the answer. Its world’s first company which offered online streaming to the people who wanted to watch shows on the Internet.

From that time, the company have come a long way and are offering some lucrative packages. The package starts from just $25 per month which increases as per your needs and preferences.

Inside the package, you will get Fox Sports 1 along with Fox Sports 2. With these sports channels, you can easily watch the AMA Supercross 2019 championship online in a hassle-free manner.

More to it, you even get a fantastic 7-Days Trial which is a good thing. You can opt for the free plan, stream the first round of AMA Supercross Championship and then go for paid service.

Similar to other subscription plans, Sling TV requires a good network connection to avoid speed buffering. Regarding the device, you can easily make use of a smartphone, iPad or a lappy and stream event, wherever you like.

Fubo TV

One of the easiest way to watch AMA Supercross 2019 online is to subscribe for Fubo TV package. Fubo TV gives you access to official channels to watch Supercross third round. This channels is exclusively available for the United States people and if you are living outside USA, use any VPN service. You can also opt out for Fubo Tv trial option to watch the event.

Making Use of a VPN to watch 2019 Anaheim 2 Supercross Live Streaming Free Online

In the past years, VPN was underestimated a lot but as and when we are moving ahead, VPN has started to pick up the pace. If you are living in a country where lots of geo-restrictions are present, VPN’s can help you stream favorite event.

All that you need is to get a good company VPN subscription plan and a compatible device which will be connected with the VPN. Make sure that you choose the US IP Address and then use any of the above-given streaming services. After all the connections and with fast internet speed, you can easily watch Round 1 of AMA Supercross 2019 championship.


ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN companies if you are eager to watch the AMA Supercross Championship. The subscription plan starts from $12.95 per month which is a bit on the expensive side.

Still, if you are looking for a reliable VPN service provider, ExpressVPN can be a good choice. At any point in time, your connection will not be lost with ExpressVPN, and you can easily watch AMA Supercross championship online.


Another quality service and IPVanish comes straight into the picture. It’s another good way to watch the AMA Supercross championship from anywhere. You just need to buy the subscription plan of IPVanish which starts from just $7.50. This is the cheapest option you can ever find to stream the AMA Supercross 2019 championship.


Speak about one of the most renowned names in the VPN industry and NordVPN will come into the picture. This company has got a pretty much high reputation and provides performance combined with reliability.

Their subscription plan starts from just $11.95 per month which is a little more in the VPN industry. However, you get full-time reliability support, and your connection will not be lost at any point in time.

Even while watching the AMA Supercross 2019 championship, there is no chance for your connection to be lost.

How to watch Supercross live on reddit

Supercross will be streamed live on reddit through the racing subreddit. You can find free links to watch the race in Motocross subreddits.

Final Words

After spanning throughout the entire article, bare truth is in front of your eyes. There are millions of people who don’t have a cable connection, and for them, live streaming service is the answer. Without any issues, you can choose your preferred streaming service and first try their free subscription plan. Once you feel that the streaming service is fulfilling your needs, you can go ahead and pay for the actual subscription plan.

As the case for VPN Service goes, they are a great tool to watch AMA Supercross 2019 event in geo-restricted countries. Currently, China is topping up the list in geo-restriction, and if you live there, VPNs can be a good choice. Last but not least, your Internet connection speed must be super fast to stream AMA Supercross 2019 event with buffering. If everything falls into the right place, you can just wait for the AMA Supercross 2019, stream on your preferred online channel and watch it with whole grace and comfort.

Entry list for Round 4 of AMA Supercross 2019

Check out complete entry list for Oakland Supercorss event 2019 below.

250 Class Entry List

450 Class Entry List

12. Shane McElrath

2. Cooper Webb

31. RJ Hampshire

3. Eli Tomac

34. Dylan Ferrandis

4. Blake Baggett

35. Mitchell Harrison

7. Aaron Plessinger

36. Michael Mosiman

10. Justin Brayton

39. Colt Nichols

11. Kyle Chisholm

40. Sean Cantrell

14. Cole Seely

44. Cameron McAdoo

15. Dean Wilson

60. Justin Starling

17. Joey Savatgy

61. Garrett Marchbanks

19. Justin Bogle

64. Jimmy Decotis

22. Chad Reed

67. Enzo Lopes

25. Marvin Musquin

72. Martin Castelo

41. Ben LaMay

85. Dare Demartile

42. Vince Friese

92. Adam Cianciarulo

43. Tyler Bowers

105. Tomas Ravenhorst

46. Justin Hill

111. Chris Blose

51. Justin Barcia

122. Chris Howell

62. Alex Ray

141. Robbie Wageman

71. Cole Martinez

156. Jacob Hayes

74. Cade Autenrieth

160. Jess Pettis

80. Heath Harrison

184. Scott Champion

86. Ryan Breece

188. Gage Schehr

94. Ken Roczen

194. Jerry Robin

97. Adam Enticknap

216. Devin Harriman

99. Austin Politelli

255. Johnny Garcia

118. Cheyenne Harmon

260. Dylan Woodcock

120. Todd Bannister

271. Kyle Fry

121. Matt Bisceglia

277. Kordel Caro

133. Brett Hottel

321. Bradley Lionnet

137. Nick Desiderio

348. Joan Cros

145. Travis Smith

360. Aaron Siminoe

192. Beni Williams

418. Renton Minuto

211. Tevin Tapia

427. Deegan Vonlossberg

214. Vann Martin

446. Blaine Silveira

282. Theodore Pauli

471. Logan Karnow

330. AJ Catanzaro

474. Niclas Hallafors

383. Casey Brennan

621. RJ Wageman

384. Kinser Endicott

767. Mason Wharton

393. Daniel Herrlein

773. Thomas Do

424. Tyler Custer

910. Carson Brown

448. Broc Shoemaker

952. Ludovic Malcer

480. Johan Nystrom

501. Scotty Wennerstrom

509. Alex Nagy

542. Johnnie Buller

601. Billy Carpenter

606. Ronnie Stewart

608. David Pulley

723. Tyler Enticknap

805. Carlen Gardner

941. Angelo Pellegrini

951. Ryan Surratt

976. Josh Greco

Oakland – Round 4 Schedule and timings

Get full schedule for AMA Supercross 2019 Round 4 below.

Rider’s Track Walk: 10:30 am – 11:00 am
Riders Meeting (Mandatory): 11:00 am – 11:15 am
Chapel Service: 11:15 am – 11:30 am
250SX Group C Free Practice: 12:00 pm – 12:08 pm
250SX Group B Free Practice: 12:10 pm – 12:18 pm
250SX Group A Free Practice: 12:20 pm – 12:28 pm
450SX Group A Free Practice: 12:30 pm – 12:38 pm
450SX Group B Free Practice: 12:40 pm – 12:48 pm
450SX Group C Free Practice: 12:50 pm – 12:58 pm
250SX Group B Qualifying: 1:05 pm – 1:15 pm
250SX Group C Qualifying: 1:20 pm – 1:30 pm
250SX Group A Qualifying: 1:35 pm – 1:45 pm
450SX Group A Qualifying: 1:50 pm – 2:00 pm
450SX Group B Qualifying: 2:05 pm – 2:15 pm
450SX Group C Qualifying: 2:20 pm – 2:30 pm
Promoter Track Walk: 2:30 pm – 2:40 pm
Track Maintenance: 2:40 pm – 3:15 pm
250SX Group C Qualifying: 3:15 pm – 3:25 pm
250SX Group B Qualifying: 3:30 pm – 3:40 pm
250SX Group A Qualifying: 3:45 pm – 3:55 pm
450SX Group A Qualifying: 4:00 pm – 4:10 pm
450SX Group B Qualifying: 4:15 pm – 4:25 pm
450SX Group C Qualifying: 4:30 pm – 4:40 pm
Promoter Track Walk: 4:40 pm – 4:50 pm
Track Maintenance: 4:50 pm – 6:15 pm

Evening Schedule

Opening Ceremonies: 6:30 pm – 7:05 pm
250SX Heat #1 – 6 Minutes/Plus 1 lap – 20 riders (1 – 9 to Main): 7:05 pm – 7:13 pm
250SX Heat #2 – 6 Minutes/Plus 1 lap – 20 riders (1 – 9 to Main): 7:19 pm – 7:27 pm
450SX Heat #1 – 6 Minutes/Plus 1 lap – 20 riders (1 – 9 to Main): 7:33 pm – 7:41 pm
450SX Heat #2 – 6 Minutes/Plus 1 lap – 20 riders (1 – 9 to Main): 7:47 pm – 7:55 pm
Track Maintenance: 7:55 pm – 8:10 pm
250SX Last Chance Qualifier – 5 Minutes/Plus 1 lap – 22 riders (1 – 4 to Main): 8:10 pm – 8:17 pm
450SX Last Chance Qualifier – 5 Minutes/Plus 1 lap – 22 riders (1 – 4 to Main): 8:23 pm – 8:30 pm
Intermission: 8:30 pm – 8:47 pm
250SX Sighting Lap: 8:47 pm – 8:50 pm
250SX Main Event – 15 Minutes/Plus 1 lap – 22 riders: 8:52 pm – 9:09 pm
250SX Victory Circle: 9:09 pm – 9:16 pm
Track Maintenance: 9:16 pm – 9:22 pm
450SX Sighting Lap: 9:22 pm – 9:25 pm
450SX Main Event – 20 Minutes/Plus 1 lap – 22 riders: 9:27 pm – 9:49 pm
450SX Victory Circle: 9:49 pm – 10:00 pm

2019 Glendale AMA Supercross Entry list

Here are the entry list for Supercross round 2

12. Shane McElrath
31. RJ Hampshire
34. Dylan Ferrandis
35. Mitchell Harrison
36. Michael Mosiman
39. Colt Nichols
40. Sean Cantrell
44. Cameron McAdoo
54. Dylan Merriam
60. Justin Starling
61. Garrett Marchbanks
64. Jimmy Decotis
67. Enzo Lopes
68. Brandan Leith
72. Martin Castelo
92. Adam Cianciarulo
105. Tomas Ravenhorst
111. Chris Blose
122. Chris Howell
141. Robbie Wageman
156. Jacob Hayes
160. Jess Pettis
188. Gage Schehr
194. Jerry Robin
216. Devin Harriman
244. Mike Henderson
255. Johnny Garcia
260. Dylan Woodcock
275. Johnny Jelderda
277. Kordel Caro
321. Bradley Lionnet
348. Joan Cros
395. Charl Van Eeden
418. Renton Minuto
427. Deegan Vonlossberg
446. Blaine Silveira
471. Logan Karnow
474. Niclas Hallafors
522. Cole Zitterkopf
621. RJ Wageman
767. Mason Wharton
910. Carson Brown

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