Kevin Owens Wrestles Top NXT Star Ahead Of WWE TV Return

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Kevin Owens Wrestles Top NXT Star Ahead Of WWE TV Return

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Kevin Owens Wrestles Top NXT Star Ahead Of WWE TV Return


WWE Raw is about to get KO’d, as one of its top stars, Kevin Owens, who has been out of the ring since 2018, is nearing his return to television.

Back in October of 2018, Owens decided to undergo double knee surgery to repair nagging injuries, and initial reports put his return to TV around this time, but left his WrestleMania 35 status very much in question.

Photo: WWE

In a new update posted on Twitter, Kevin Owens noted he wrestled NXT star Adam Cole for the first time in four years in front of an audience of, well, one person.

“I just wrestled Adam Cole for the first time in 4 and a half years”, Tweeted Owens. “There was exactly one spectator. He gave it 51.25 stars.”

The match was an in-ring workout as Owens prepares to return to WWE TV, and given he actually wrestled a match, he could very well be ready to return in the coming weeks.

Prior to the above Tweet, KO sent a warning to the WWE Raw roster when he Tweeted about a ladybug, joking, “it landed on me 3 times in the span of 2 minutes and even accompanied me inside the store and in my car. I put it back outside and now it’s just sitting on my side view mirror. I think we all know what this means… The WWE roster is clearly in big trouble when I come back.”

Photo: WWE

At last word, WWE was planning to hold off on Kevin Owens’ TV return until after WrestleMania, despite the likelihood that he will be cleared to return to the ring in time for the big event.

With top Raw star Dean Ambrose informing officials he plans to leave the company when his contract expires in April, it will be very interesting to see if WWE changes plans and brings Kevin Owens back to TV in time to compete at WrestleMania 35, especially if WWE decides against having Ambrose compete at the big PPV.

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