Tom Brady Super Bowl review

Tom Brady Super Bowl review

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Tom Brady Super Bowl review


It was supposed to be a quarterback battle between the oldest starter in the league and the youngest first overall draft pick in Super Bowl LIII (53).

Tom Brady versus Jared Goff; two California kids who would battle it out on the national stage for the highest honor in the league- the Lombardi Trophy.

What was set to be somewhat of a shootout between two of the top four offenses in the NFL instead turned into a defensive slug-fest that was tied at three apiece headed into the fourth quarter.

Overall, the stats weren’t pretty for Brady, but it got the job done.  So while Goff was throwing a crucial 4th quarter interception, Brady was making a clutch throw to Rob Gronkowski down the seams, inside the 5-yard line.

Goff took a beating, getting sacked four times and constantly picking himself up off the Atlanta turf, while Brady was only sacked once, and was rarely touched.

By games end, Tom Brady was hoisting up this sixth Lombardi, meanwhile Goff the Rams closed out a season in which they won 15 games.

For the first time in eight Super Bowls, Tom Brady did not find the end zone.  For the first time in eight Super Bowls, Tom Brady’s very first pass attempt, was an interception.  And for the ninth time in nine Super Bowls, the Patriots failed to score a touchdown in the first quarter- in fact, they didn’t score a touchdown until the 4th quarter of this defensive slugfest.

And yet, and yet…Brady came through when the Patriots needed him the most.

Tied at three apiece, in the 4th quarter, Tom Brady led a drive downfield with throws to Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman.  The biggest throw however, was a 29-yard beauty to Gronk in the seams, setting up a first and goal at the 3-yard line.  One play later, the Patriots punched it in for a 10-3 lead.  They never looked back.

Brady was effective, he made good throws, others were questionable, and he skipped a few in there also, but the bottom line is, Brady was Brady.  The Patriots scored on three possessions, yet had three more possessions inside the Eagles 35-yard line, each ending without a score.

Gronkowski and Edelman combined for 16 of Brady’s 21 completions and for 228 of Brady’s 262 yards.  Time and again, Brady found a wide open Edelman, as he racked up 10 catches en route to winning Super Bowl MVP.

Brady finished 21 of 35 for 262 yards and an interception.  Although he didn’t find the end zone for the first time in his Super Bowl career, it didn’t matter.  Brady was big when it counted the most, and he walks away a six-time Super Bowl Champion.


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