Athletes Need ENT Doctors

Athletes Need ENT Doctors


Athletes Need ENT Doctors


Athletes Need To Account For Everything

Athletic disciplines are about more than just getting in shape enough to pursue some activity or another. Athleticism begins where homeostasis leaves off. Homeostasis is basically getting your body operating in such a way that every “component” in the “engine” of you is operating as it should. You’re not too large or small, and you’re eating what your body needs.

It is only after this state is reached that a person can then proceed to their fullest state of flourishing. Eating right and exercising set the foundations, and a person grows from there. For athletes, after this state is reached, every possible component of health must be carefully managed at its zenith to help foster growth. Growing requires pushing yourself.

When you push yourself, the body is slightly damaged in ways that force it to rebuild. Getting “ripped” means getting in shape, but the colloquialism derives from a physical truth. When you work out, you “rip” or “tear” the “fabric” of your musculature, forcing the body to repair in ways that will handle such stress in the future. Muscle is built through being torn and put back together.

When you’re doing this, you can sometimes stress your body such that it becomes more susceptible to illness. This is especially true as regards head colds. You work out hard, get a sniffle, and then before you know it, you’re in a sickbed for a few weeks. Some try to workout through the illness. This may or may not be advisable; an ENT can help you know the balance.

An ENT’s Importance To The Athlete

An “ENT” is a practitioner of medicine who focuses on the Ears, Nose, and Throat. Head colds primarily affect these three areas of the body, but the lungs play a part as well. In terms of any athleticism, oxygen intake and distribution are key to ability maximization. You’ve got to be able to breathe. Unfortunately, sickness often push mucous into the lungs.

ENTs often refer to this mucous as “fluid”. Varying illnesses push fluids into the lungs, and if you exercise or otherwise strain your body too much during such times, you can really hurt yourself; you might even push through influenza into terminal pneumonia. That said, small head colds may not damage you enough to prevent a light cardiovascular workout.

As a matter of fact, at certain points during the progression of an illness, cardio workouts can actually help speed recovery through saturation of oxygen in the bloodstream, producing an increase in immune system strength, thus warding off varying sickness-causing microorganisms with greater success.

Determining whether you’re in a position to exercise while sick is tricky if you don’t have a medical background; having regular access to an ENT can be a good solution. Practitioners like this in southern California ENT can be absolutely essential in helping athletes of all kinds reach their fullest potential.

Overcoming Difficulties And Growing

Here’s the thing: once you’re past homeostasis into strength-building territory, neglecting to pursue your regular fitness regimen could quickly result in lost ground. Especially if you’re seeking to give yourself an edge in athleticism of the competitive variety, such happenstance may not be acceptable.

Thankfully, the more physically and mentally fit you are, the less susceptible you’ll be to illnesses; but there’s a final consideration: emotional impact. It turns out generosity is healthy for the body and mind. This indicates emotional states, good or bad, play a big part in your overall health.

Whatever kind of fitness you pursue, whatever kind of physicians you work with, it’s integral that you get your mind in proper alignment emotionally. If you do that, you’ll be prepared to weather illness storms and maintain growth even in the face of otherwise severely limiting obstacles.

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