How to become a personal trainer in Dubai ?

How to become a personal trainer in Dubai ?


How to become a personal trainer in Dubai ?


Moving to a distant country with a strict and different culture, whether it’s for a change of career or for a start of a new one, is never easy. Howbeit, you do have one huge factor that works in your favor. Becoming a personal trainer in Dubai seems to be easier than ever. Fitness is ever blooming in the UAE and the need for personal trainers keeps rising. Thus, many flock to this distant country in search of a job, regardless of their qualifications and experience. Having in mind that the fitness industry is fairly unregulated, such an outcome is expected. However, if you want to distance yourself from such cases and build a solid and reputable name and career, the following text will prove to be quite useful.

Use this opportunity to build a reputable name and respectable career.

Acquire proper qualifications

In order to work with fitness clients on a one-to-one basis in a gym or as a freelance personal trainer, you will need more than just the experience of getting your body in a shape. You will need a Level 3 Diploma in personal training. It is going to provide all the necessary knowledge and training you need for such a job. Most commonly, it is a part-time course with a duration of a number of weekends, allowing you to have enough time to devote to your current job. The course ends with a case-study and certain exams. It is also of the highest importance that you check whether that course is recognized in the UAE. Considering that you want to become a personal trainer in Dubai, this is a crucial step for the whole process.

The license and the permit

As is for any kind of job in the UAE, for a position of a personal trainer in Dubai, you will need to obtain a license. This process consists of two steps:

  1. First, you apply for the UAE free zone that offers sports services. Your goal here is to get a personal training permit that allows you to establish your own business.
  2. Second, once your free zone license arrives, apply for a work permit from the General Authority of Youth & Sports Welfare in Dubai. You can receive it for AED 500. This permit allows you to work in the Dubai mainland.

Regarding the permit

After you’ve registered with the General Authority of Youth & Sports Welfare in Dubai, you need to make a stop at the UAE Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and leave an application there as well. REPs is an independent public register that recognizes and endorses the qualifications and expertise of fitness trainers. Besides being a mandatory document, membership of REPs is a kind of a stamp of a properly trained and committed individual.

The Authority will require the following:

  • your printed application form
  • REPs qualification certificate
  • an outline of the type of fitness activity you wish to specialize in
  • a copy of your passport and visa

No more than four days are necessary for your application to be approved.

Collecting all the documentation needed can be onerous work, but it will pay off.

The needed experience for becoming a personal trainer in Dubai

This is by no means required by law but is nonetheless highly advisable. Earning your Level 3 Diploma gets you the knowledge, but fails to provide experience in the field. So, in order to gain it, it’s best that you start right away. Getting a first client can be quite nerve-wracking, so the sooner you go through this initiation the better. After all, the more you do it, the better. You will become more relaxed as your skill will become better, making your dream job less stressful. However, if you have taken your time to polish your craft, you can become a personal trainer today. You can choose to start your work in a gym or try the venture of owning your own business. Both offer advantages and flaws, and we will proceed with further explaining them.

A personal training job in a gym

This position can prove to be of great use to all the newcomers to the business. Not only will you have an abundance of clients from the get-go, but you will also have the chance to learn from your co-workers. Proper qualifications, although rather useful, can get you only so far. Landing job opportunities is one of the biggest challenges this profession brings. You can do a fair amount of research on the Internet and find interesting offers. A smart move would also be to build a solid network in the industry. Getting recommended by some of your acquaintances can get you a job that is not even advertised.

Being a personal trainer in Dubai can be even easier if you land a job in a gym.

Owning your own business

Being a personal trainer in Dubai comes with a possibility of conducting your work without opening a studio or an office if you choose so. After all, you have all the space one might need when moving to this warm location. Beaches and parks can prove to be great places for a quality workout, as well as the clients’ houses. However, if you have aspirations for having a staff or obtaining multiple visas, a certain office space comes as a necessity. Such a case can require an application to a relevant authority, depending on the type of physical space you plan on opening. After receiving the permission, you will be able to negotiate a lease for your building of choice directly with the landlord. As you can see, the nature of this process can prove to be rather complex. Thus, it would be wise to seek guidance from a UAE company formation specialist. We also suggest that only the individuals with previous experience in running a business take this step. This will minimize the possibilities of failing after putting in all the effort.

Meta description: If you want to build a solid and reputable name and career of a personal trainer in Dubai, the following text will prove to be quite useful.


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