Booker T Shoots On Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE

Booker T Shoots On Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE

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Booker T Shoots On Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE


The biggest story in pro wrestling since last week continues to be the breaking news that Dean Ambrose will be leaving WWE when his contract expires in April.

Following the news of Ambrose’s imminent WWE departure, he continues to be used on television and at live events, most recently losing a match cleanly on Raw this week to a debuting EC3. Furthermore, it was announced Ambrose will be appearing at WrestleMania AXXESS events over WrestleMania 35 weekend.

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On the most recent episode of Heated Conversations, which you can watch in the above video player, host and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T weighed-in on Dean Ambrose deciding to leave WWE.

At one point Booker speculated that the official announcement from WWE regarding Ambrose’s future might be a work and part of an overall storyline.

“WWE is known for [throwing a] curveball here, a curveball there,” Booker speculated. “That’s the way it goes. Could it be one of those things?”

Nevertheless, Booker does feel that if it is indeed true, Dean Ambrose leaving WWE will be a big loss for the company.

“It’s big…it’s huge,” admitted Booker. “Dean Ambrose leaving the company, to go elsewhere, to go home. Be that as it may, whatever it is, it’s huge.”

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Photo: WWE

Despite Ambrose leaving, however, Booker does not think it will have an overall major impact on WWE and its television product, as the show will go on without The Lunatic Fringe.

“The show will go on without Dean Ambrose, and that’s just a fact,” said Booker. “You know, one man don’t stop no show. I remember a guy told me that a long time ago.”

Throughout the discussion, Booker T and his co-host debated the possible reasons why Ambrose might be leaving WWE, but Booker made one thing clear when he adamantly stated he does not believe Ambrose is leaving the company to take a job with another promotion, such as All Elite Wrestling.

“I do not think Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE to go somewhere else,” declared Booker T.

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