LOOK: Mustafa Ali Suffers Major Black Eye After WWE 'SmackDown Live' Match

LOOK: Mustafa Ali Suffers Major Black Eye After WWE 'SmackDown Live' Match

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LOOK: Mustafa Ali Suffers Major Black Eye After WWE 'SmackDown Live' Match


WWE star Mustafa Ali is on somewhat of a meteoric rise in the company, as he has successfully become the first 205 Live original to transcend the brand and land in a near top spot on Smackdown Live.

On February 17th, Ali will get a shot at gold when he steps into the Elimination Chamber to challenge Daniel Bryan, along with four other superstars, for the WWE Title at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Mustafa Ali’s road to Elimination Chamber, and possible road to WrestleMania 35 for that matter, has not been without its perils, however, as this week on Smackdown Live the high-flyer suffered a nasty black eye during his match against Randy Orton. “Just trying to catch your eye”, Ali joked on Twitter, after posting a graphic shot of the injury.

TMZ even picked up on the injury, noting, “WWE superstar Mustafa Ali took a REAL shot to the face during a particularly brutal match with Randy Orton on Tuesday — and now he’s got the massive shiner to prove it.

It seems the injury was suffered in the opening moments of his match with Orton on ‘Smackdown Live’ — when Orton was stomping Ali’s face in.

It appears Orton’s boot caught Ali in his left eye — and you can see it starting to swell up as the match went on.”

Ali’s Tuesday night went from bad to worse after he suffered the shiner courtesy of The Viper, as Ali was literally face-palm slammed through a table by Erick Rowan, who has been doing Daniel Bryan’s evil bidding since making his return to WWE TV at the Royal Rumble PPV.

As of now, WWE has not announced Mustafa Ali’s injury as serious, and by all accounts the shiner should be healed in time for him to compete without issue at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

You can check out highlights from Mustafa Ali’s match against Randy Orton on Smackdown Live this week in the above video player.

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