Eric Bischoff Explains Why Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE 'Does Not Matter At All'

Eric Bischoff Explains Why Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE 'Does Not Matter At All'

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Eric Bischoff Explains Why Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE 'Does Not Matter At All'


With the announcement of Kenny Omega officially joining the All Elite Wrestling roster, the infant promotion is gaining serious momentum as they speed towards their first PPV event, Double Or Nothing, in May.

As the AEW roster continues to grow, fans are keeping a close eye on the top stars of the independent world, and in light of recent reports that Dean Ambrose and Hideo Itami are finishing up with WWE, speculation has been that AEW could be landing more top talents ahead of their May 25th PPV in Las Vegas.

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Earlier this week, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T weighed-in on Dean Ambrose departing WWE, and said he believes Ambrose is not leaving the company to sign with another company, but rather Ambrose simply is unhappy in WWE and has opted not to re-sign when his deal expires in April.

On the most recent episode of 83 Weeks, former WWE and WCW personality Eric Bischoff offered his thoughts on Dean Ambrose leaving WWE, and also touched on the mark AEW is making on the pro wrestling world.

When asked if the emergence of AEW will create competition with WWE akin to The Monday Night Wars, Bischoff said he does not think it will, adding, “there will never be anything remotely close to the environment we lived through during the Monday Night Wars.”

Bischoff noted he thinks the world has changed too dramatically to allow for the kind of competition made famous in the 90’s, and while AEW might provide some level of competition to WWE, expectations have to be managed when it comes to All Elite Wrestling.

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On the subject of Dean Ambrose leaving WWE and the impact it might have on the company, Bischoff indicated he feels Ambrose’s departure will provide little to no detriment to WWE, claiming, “I don’t think it matters at all. And it’s not because of Dean’s abilities, or lack thereof, but in WWE right now, WWE is the star. Everybody else on that roster is a co-star, to one degree or another.”

You can watch the entire podcast clip featuring Eric Bischoff in the above video player.

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