Athletes Should Think Twice Before Using SARMS

Athletes Should Think Twice Before Using SARMS


Athletes Should Think Twice Before Using SARMS


During the last couple of years, the sports and fitness community has seen an explosion in the popularity of the use of experimental drugs called SARMS, which stands for select androgen receptor modulators. SARMS are similar to anabolic steroids in that they both are drugs and they will both help increase muscle mass and strength. Some common names for SARMS are Ligandrol. (LGD 4033), Ostarine (MK2866), Rad 140 (Testolone), and YK11. However, the one big difference is that anabolic steroids are schedule 3 narcotics and SARMS are not. Which means legally, you can be put in jail for illegal possession of anabolic steroids, and with SARMS, you cannot. Because of this, the purchase of SARMS is effortless via the internet. This quick and easy method of purchasing SARMS has, in turn, made SARMS very popular and therefore many athletes are using them or I considering using them to enhance their performance.


Many athletes in high school, college, and even Joe Weekender’s are constantly looking for an edge when it comes to beating the competition. The best way to defeat the competition is to eat a diet that advantageous to your sport and to exercise to increase muscle mass, strength, powder, and speed. However, most athletes will hit a physical plateau. No matter how good they eat or how hard and often they train they cannot seem to increase their performance. This frustration of being stuck at a certain “level” causes the athlete sadness and depression because they cannot perform any better even though they are eating very strictly and training to the extreme. Therefore to overcome the disappointment of losing to the competition or failing to reach their goals, they turn to anabolic steroid or SARMS. It is common knowledge that using anabolic steroids and SARMS will increase muscle mass and performance. SARMS are becoming the go-to performing enhancing drug simply because they are easy to obtain, inexpensive, do not come with legal issues, and the work fairly well. Besides, it seems that SARMS might even be “safer” than anabolic steroids because from what we have seen, most people that use SARMS do not experience any side effects or see very minimal side effects.


One can easily “Google”, “Buy SARMS” or “SARMS for sale” and dozens of websites will populate the search results. The problem is because the sale of SARMS for human use is “kinda” illegal, you have companies that may or may not be legitimate. Nothing is regulated and all the website selling SARMS are simply individuals in their houses making individual SARMS that they purchased in bulk from a black market dealer in China. Each time someone purchases something like Ostarine, RAD 140, or YK11, they are playing Russian roulette because you truly do not know what you are getting.


SARMS, like LGD 4033, Ostarine, and Cardarine will present one’s body with side effects. The side effects of using SARMS might be increased estrogen, testosterone suppression, gynecomastia, aggression, and increased liver enzymes. Sometimes these side effects are surprising to many of their users because many people think that SARMS are safe because in the past they have been labeled dietary supplements. Many supplement websites were misbranding SARMS and calling them supplements, which is not true. As mentioned previously SARMS are drugs, they are not supplements. But people using the misbranded SARMS thought they were using supplements and the side effects snuck up on them. To make matters worse athletes were taking SARMS, thinking they were dietary supplements as well, and many experienced side effects. The side effects were not only physical but mental as well.


Many professional sports organizations and collegiate organizations have banned the use of SARMS. Over the past couple of years, many colligate athletes and professional athletes have been banned from competing because they have tested positive for SARMS use. Some have been surprised by the tests because they said they were unaware that the supplement they used was a SARM and some have not because they knew they were taking them.


In the future, I predict that SARMS will be converted into a schedule 3 drug like anabolic steroids. The grey market SARMS business I predict is around $50,000,000 per year, putting it on the FDA’s radar to do something about the sale of SARMS on the internet. I predict in a couple of years the grey market SARMS business will be over.


In conclusion, athletes should think twice before using select androgen receptor modulators. SARMS are unregulated drugs that people selling them are packaging up from bulk amounts in their houses. These people selling SARMS are just “trusting” the company that they buy them from in China. Additionally, athletes may assume that SARMS are safer than anabolic steroids, but in actuality, they could not be or they may be even worse. My recommendation is to be very careful if you are going to purchase SARMS and think twice before using them. The FDA does have an information page on SARMS.

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