Effects of Streaming Platforms on Regular TV

Effects of Streaming Platforms on Regular TV


Effects of Streaming Platforms on Regular TV


I must say this, nobody saw this coming. Streaming services are killing traditional cable television services. There is an increasing demand for streaming services by the youths and middle-aged people. This explains why brands like Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix are giants in this realm. They have gained considerable popularity across the world. They are taking over. With advancement in innovative technology and the rise of the internet, millennials are hooked to the internet.

Very few people watch regular pay TV programs. Everything is available on the internet. These streaming giants invest billions of dollars on content creation and display. People don’t have to rush home to watch your favorite TV show while you can easily access it on your mobile phone platform.

Every second, new content and features are included in online streaming platforms. Before you ditch your old television set for good android streaming device, consider these points before making that decision. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of streaming services over the regular cable TV in your home.


• Ad-free

Most streaming services have an ad feature. You can consider turning it off or on using the ad blocker. This provides you with the pleasure of watching your favorite program without interruptions. This is good news for fans who are addicted to football streaming. Regular TV is crippled with ads, you know they have to pay their bills.

In the process, customers are bombarded with interruptions during their favorite shows. Every time a show takes a break to pave way for advertisement. This is where the streaming giants are capitalizing on. They make sure you watch the advertisement at your own discretion.

• You get to choose content

You can only subscribe to what you want. Customer preference is taken into account when opting for streaming. If you dislike the program, you can unsubscribe. Most content providers curate the content to suit the majority of the subscribers. This is actually good for marketing. You only target a specific audience while leaving out the rest.

• Content available when desired

This is arguably the most important point. Right from your mobile device, you can stream free sites that you like. The regular TV displays programs at specific times. With streaming, you can watch any program at any time. Features that download to watch later are available. You can pause and download the content for viewing in your free time. This is why most people prefer streaming their favorite TV shows rather than watching it on regular cable TV.


• Desired content might not be available in your location

The content creators might be curating the content to suit a specific customer base. This means if you are interested in the content, you will miss out due to your location. Some lawsuits on copyright infringement might make customers miss out on content in dispute.

In my view, video streaming services are here to stay. Most people rely on these streaming services and the number is increasing sharply. Regular cable TV is losing this trade war. They are completely out due to the advancement of technology.

The only solution these companies is to manufacture internet smart televisions. Change is inevitable as of now. Its either they accept change or die. As things stand, streaming is the future of TV.

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