It's a good year to be in Arizona

It's a good year to be in Arizona

Barry Melrose Rocks

It's a good year to be in Arizona


Arizona has always been an easy punching bag for lazy hockey writers who need someone to make fun of  for either being a bad team or a disinterested market. I’m no exception, usually, but this time, I’m not here to make fun of the Coyotes, but rather use their patheticness as a means to point out the inferiority of other teams.

Both teams in the Los Angeles area have cratered this year, while the Oilers and their buttload of talent (mostly in the form of Connor McDavid) failed to launch once again. Those teams look even worse when you realize that they are behind the perennial bottom feeders from Arizona in the standings

Oh, it goes on. The Pacific Division has three teams – the Flames, Sharks and Golden Knights – that are assuredly in the playoffs. The 4th place team, the Canucks, sit at 57 points, compared to the Coyotes 55, but Arizona actually has a game in hand. It stands to reason that by the end of the week, the Coyotes could be in the top half of the Pacific.

Don’t get me wrong, the Coyotes still aren’t very good. That hasn’t changed. What has is that now the Coyotes have company. The Pacific is really down this year, and because of that, Arizona doesn’t seem so terrible

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