Check out Ben Simmons hitting meaningless three-pointers in Charlotte

Check out Ben Simmons hitting meaningless three-pointers in Charlotte


Check out Ben Simmons hitting meaningless three-pointers in Charlotte


Philadelphia 76ers fans can get excited once again about Ben Simmons attempting three-pointers against nobody.

It’s crazy how a player can be so good, and fearless in some situations –  yet, they are borderline scared to attempt a shot. Sixers second-year guard, Ben Simmons is coming off of a season that earned him the Rookie of the Year award, but we still feel it’s necessary to question one of the main factors of his game.

Simmons is really good. There’s no denying that. However, Sixers fans want to see improvement from Ben. Honestly, we have, but it’s just not the factor of his game that we wanted to see him improve in. Simmons’ defense has been excellent this season.

And he’s still stellar on offense, which is excellent. But as we approach the second-half of Simmons’ Sophomore effort, everybody wants to see him finally take his offensive game to the next level by taking mid-to-long range jump shots. And guess what? We might start getting that.

What’s going on out in Charlotte?

As Simmons is out in Charlotte for the NBA’s All-Star weekend, he is forced to practice on the part of his game that just isn’t all that great. Along with Team World for the Rising Stars challenge, Simmons had to be involved with a drill that required shooting three’s.

Now, it may seem like a miracle that Simmons is actually participating in the drill, but the fact is that Simmons is no stranger to working on his long-range shot while uncontested. In fact, before every game, Simmons spends a favorable amount of time shooting from beyond the arc in warmups. We just don’t always get to see that.

Thanks to Liberty Ballers’ Ben Melo, we have footage of Simmons hitting one of his two attempted three’s to wrap up Friday’s practice with Team World. One-for-two? Not bad! Will Simmons actually attempt a three-pointer during All-Star weekend? It’s doubtful. But you really never know. Nobody expected Simmons to chuck one up against the Lakers last week, so anything is possible at this point.


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