The HOVG Podcast: Kieran Lovegrove

The HOVG Podcast: Kieran Lovegrove

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The HOVG Podcast: Kieran Lovegrove


This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen are joined by Kieran Lovegrove.

On the eve of reporting to Spring Training, the San Francisco Giants pitching prospect talks to the boys about the day-to-day of training camp, taking the high road on social media (and how some Major League Baseball teams take the lead), playing for David Ortiz in the 2018 Futures Game and his plans for expanding America’s Pastime to his home country of South Africa.

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Sunday Notes: Kieran Lovegrove is Loquacious (and Available)

Why Giants are excited about South African-born prospect Kieran Lovegrove

Hillcats reliever Lovegrove reflects on African, MLB history



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