Wesley Matthews has Arrived in Indiana: What Comes in the Baggage?

Wesley Matthews has Arrived in Indiana: What Comes in the Baggage?


Wesley Matthews has Arrived in Indiana: What Comes in the Baggage?


It is said that one must make a virtue out of necessity. If there is a team in NBA making this virtue, it corresponds with the name of Indiana Pacers. Coach McMillan recently lost his team’s star, Victor Oladipo due to a serious knee injury. But despite this, he still manages to settle in the upper floors of the Eastern Conference. However, head coach Nate McMillan had to replace the injured Oladipo, which is why Wesley Matthews, an expert player with clear technical skills was called upon. He is not yet a star, but a role-player that every coach would like to have in his team.

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Wesley Matthews: Before Everything Else, he’s a Great Defender

While at Portland, Matthews was able to unlock fellow Australian teammate, Andrew Bogut’s massive potential. This generated great interest from Bogut’s home country where he went on to continue his career at Cleveland and L.A. Nowadays, for fans that especially enjoy placing a bet with palmerbet app, the bigger odds and range of great promotions in Australia has dramatically increased in popularity. Especially due to the success of fellow Aussies in the NBA.

One thing about Wesley Matthews is that he does well wherever he goes. In every team, he is first and foremost a defender well above the NBA’s average NBA. Indeed, a few years ago he was among the best around. In the non-possession game, Matthews certainly does not have the athleticism of Oladipo. However, lateral mobility, foot speed and intelligence make him a strong defender both near and far from the ball. From this point of view, he can also adapt to play and assist teammates that are more vulnerable in defence, while blocking the best-attacking opponents.

It has been one of the best seasons for the new Pacers’ guard, both individually and at a team level. But, let’s talk about the 2014/2015 season, when the new Pacer was playing for Portland Mavericks, alongside players like Lillard, Batum, Aldridge and McCollum. In the category of champions, there were Matthews and Batum. Result? A defensive rating of 100.5 points. With Wesley on the court, it was basically a misery for the most famous in the NBA League. No matter who was around, Wesley Matthews was a great defender. In a tried and tested defensive system like that of the Pacers, it is an additional level.

From Defence to Shooting Three Pointers

There is often talk of 3-and-D specialists. These are players who are skilled in the defensive midfield, whilst in an attack, they make themselves useful by opening up the field with their three-pointer shots. This definition actually fits perfectly for a few players, especially the master of all 3-and-D players – Klay Thompson. The former Mavericks star deserves to be mentioned by this very small club. Coach McMillan will ask just that from Matthews in the offensive phase. To generate space with his own dangerousness from the arc, in order to make an attack more fluid.

On the other hand, we are talking about a player who has scored over 1506 three-pointers in his career. Scoring in 40% of games and with almost 7 attempts per game (on average) in the speciality mentioned above. In other words, a sense of security had arrived in Indianapolis, bringing a suitcase packed with the desire to defend and shoot three-pointers from a distance.

Can Victor Oladipo be replaced? The answer is no, but Wesley Matthews is a good player in well thought out plans, and that of the Indiana Pacers is a more than functional game plan from this point of view. Do not ask him to replace but ask him to integrate and make up for the loss. You will be fascinated by the extraordinary skills of Wesley Joel Matthews.

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