A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your First Breitling Watch

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your First Breitling Watch


A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your First Breitling Watch


Nowadays, there are lots of watch brands out there that are proven trusted and reliable and they’re known for manufacturing high-quality products and one of which is Breitling. Breitling is actually one of the most valued watch brands all over the world.  Their watches are supreme examples of Swiss craftsmanship.

Further, Breitling is the only watch brand in the world to equip each major timepiece with a chronometer certified movement – it is a movement that has been certified and trusted by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) a certified neutral body in order to guarantee the highest quality as well as precision.

Having that said, many people assumed that Breitling watches are only suitable for aviation enthusiasts. Though they’re precision instruments, in fact, they can be enjoyed and used by everybody.

Either way, when it comes to Breitling watches, indeed there are lots of options to choose from. So if you’re planning to buy one but having a hard time choosing the right one then this post is for you. Here, we will take you over the various collections of Breitling along with features and advantages.

Breitling Collections: Here’s What You Need to Know


  • Breitling Colt


The Breitling Colt is an impressive watch that is functional, durable, and reliable. Apart from that, it is also obtainable at a very reasonable price tag.

Breitling, on the other hand, have equipped their watches in this collection with either an automatic movement or a Breitling Super Quartz movement that is 10x more accurate compared to standard quartz. Nevertheless, these two are both chronometers certified.

Breitling Colt was designed for thrill, action, and achievements. What’s more, it also comes with a nice feeling that you usually expect from heritage Swiss watch brands and boast a firm construction.  

It is water-resistant to 200 meters and suitable for people who are planning to buy an entry-level watch from this trusted brand and even for those who have an adventurous lifestyle.


  • Breitling Superocean


Are you looking for a diving watch that features an extraordinary level of water resistance and sports a very beautiful design? If so, then the Breitling Superocean can be your best bet.

In the actual fact, this timepiece is the connection of easy eligibility as well as exceptional engineering. And as the name implies, this stylish and smart model was specially designed for ocean adventures. Further, it is fortified with either a SuperQuartz or COSC specialized self-winding mechanical movement. And it is also perfect for those who love a recognizable and unique design.

However, if you want to have a new watch that looks a bit more old-fashioned but still innately sporty, then the Breitling Superocean is for you.


  • Breitling Avenger


This Breitling model is ideal for all kinds of adventures. Apart from that, this line also boasts a supreme functionality, power, as well as precision. With water resistance ranging up to 3000 meters and ultra-durable constriction, the Breitling Avenger is quite similar to the Breitling Chronomat which we will be discussing later on. But, the case design is very simple.

One of the many reasons why you should invest in this line is because of its incomparable performance. On the other hand, the Avenger is also ideal for those who want a Chronomat model but on a tight budget. Either way, if you are looking for a reliable companion on your extreme adventures then this is for you as well.


  • Breitling Chronomat


The Breitling Chronomat is an all-rounder watch that boasts a heavier and chunkier looking case. It is also constructed to endure even the severest conditions.

The Breitling Chronomat, on the other hand, is a durable and tough timepiece that features both a chronograph function and driver’s bezel.

Originally, it was designed in order to prepare the FrecceTricolori army aerobatic display group. But today, the Breitling Chronomat has turned out to be distinctive as well as iconic collection.

Even so, this is ideal for those who want to wear an imposing and impressive timepiece. Nonetheless, the majority of watches in this collection come with the maker’s in-house movement.


There you have it the four Breitling collections where you can choose from. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has helped you a lot in choosing the best Breitling watch that suits you the most.

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