Are young people obsessed with sports betting? How offers on sites are growing in popularity

Are young people obsessed with sports betting? How offers on sites are growing in popularity


Are young people obsessed with sports betting? How offers on sites are growing in popularity


Gambling is a dangerous sport for everyone. Although young people are the ones feeling the pinch. In short, it’s harder and more addictive for them than anyone else. The idea of risk-aversion brain compounds is the primary problem. According to research in the UK, a study was conducted which claimed that addiction to gambling may start at an early age. At times, it can start at as young as eight years old.

What You Need to Know About Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is categorized as a form of process addiction just like alcoholism. although it is not as serious as substance abuse or ingesting addictive drugs. Also, you should note that a person who is a drug addict is not addicted to the drug itself, but rather addicted to the way the drug influences their brain and behaviour.

With a gambling addiction, your brain behaves in roughly the same way. Thus they become addicts. As of today gambling addiction is recognized by the psychiatric community as a ‘gambling disorder’ in the mental disorder category.

In short, this means that gambling addiction should worry us. Especially with the introduction of online gambling which allows an individual more access to gambling activities. It can be seen as a serious threat to the public. Anytime someone close to you is caught up in gambling, you are right to be worried.

How To Know If an Individual is Fighting Gambling Addiction

In case you wish to find out if an individual is fighting gambling addiction. Below are some of the characteristics you might note:

  1. The person may withdraw from family and friends.
  2. They may frequently request money from you more than before. Some may even start stealing from friends and family.
  3. Abruptly, they may start hanging out with a new group of friends.
  4. Skipping school or work and having difficulties with doing school work or completing tasks.

Note:  All the above-noted traits may appear in almost all disorders, so do not be in a rush to make assumptions about your loved ones. At first, speak to the person to find out what is going on.

How Offers on Sites are Growing in Popularity

At the start of the 21st century, physical sport betting firms were cashing in a lot when compared to the online firms. Things have changed now. For example, it is evident to note that casinos are having a hard time competing with online gambling sites.

The popularity that comes with online gambling is becoming stronger, too. Some of the companies even offer virtual casinos. The increase in online sites is enormous. For example, allows you to bet online. The rapid growth of online betting sites has created a competitive environment.

With the presence of tough competition most of the betting firms are working hard to give their customers better conditions. With that done, the betting market grows and new customers are baited to join gambling.

The primary reason why there was a growth in online sports gambling, and the betting platform as a whole, is the introduction of the internet. At first, the internet was slow and also betting online was insecure since no firm had a secure means of making online payments without being hacked.

The presence of online secure payments and high-speed internet has revolutionized betting. Now people are less reluctant since they are already using the same online payment mechanisms to make simple online purchases. As of today, there are at least 200 top notch sports betting sites and an uncountable number of gambling sites e.g Boomtown Bingo.

Another reason for the massive growth of online betting and gambling is because of the anonymity websites offer. They don’t expose the identity of their customers, and thus individuals are shifting to online gambling. Customers at this point are not afraid to gamble since nobody will expose and judge them for their actions.

The best part is their lump sum cash wins are directly transferred to their bank accounts without anyone knowing unless they share the information with friends and family. An increase in the lucrative offers betting and gambling sites offer is caused by the high competition gambling sites are facing.

Referral bonuses and sign up bonuses act as a perfect way to keep customers coming back to the betting and gambling sites. The convenience that comes with betting while on the move through mobile applications and websites makes online gambling so easy to join. In short, it’s time efficient, fun, and pocket-friendly.

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